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Joanne Welk

Vice President, Global Engineering

  • –   Over 25 years of mobile and messaging industry experience
  • –   Veteran enterprise and telecom executive
  • –   Experience supporting over 100 million global users
  • –   Driving force in mobile innovations

In her role as Vice President, Joanne Welk leads the global engineering and development team of innovators that continue to bring Infinite Convergence Solutions’ leading edge mobility & messaging technologies, product and services to enterprises and telecom operators globally.

Joanne brings more than 25 years of experience with a proven track record in leading multiple teams that architected, designed, built and delivered various innovative mobile and messaging solutions for carriers and enterprises supporting over 100 million users globally and continues to be the driving force behind today’s mobile innovations. Prior to joining Infinite Convergence, Joanne held the global engineering and development responsibility for Motorola Networks’ entire range of messaging platforms and products such as SMSC, MMSC and Gateways. During her many years of accomplishment at Motorola, Joanne successfully led the development of Real-Time Embedded Software for the Wireless Telecommunications Cellular Switch as both a software engineer and manager and also worked in a customer support role forging key customer relationships.

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.