Secure, Reliable Messaging
for Legal & Advisory Firms

NetSfere equips legal and advisory firms with highly secure and reliable messaging solution for improved communication within the firm and better interactions with clients. Featuring secure transmission and device-to-device encryption technology, NetSfere ensures that sensitive data is fully protected and private--allowing team members to discuss, debate and share ideas without worrying about unauthorized access to protected conversations or information.

NetSfere: Discuss, Debate and Share Securely

Instant messaging and video conferencing are effective and efficient communication tools. But for many legal and advisory firms, the security of confidential information prohibits the use of common messaging and video conferencing solutions, forcing team members to communicate via less convenient and less efficient channels.

Designed to address the unique communication challenges faced by leading legal and advisory firms, NetSfere offers a better, more secure way to communicate and delivers several important advantages:

Instant Messaging Solutions for Law Firms - Control

More Control

Firm executives sleep better at night knowing that team members aren't using risky, non-approved messaging platforms to communicate internally or with clients.

Law Firm Encrypted Text and SMS Messages - Speed

Improved Speed

On-the-go advisors and legal professionals enjoy real-time collaboration with peers and clients and instant access to files--resulting in increased productivity and better outcomes.

Law Firm Secure Messaging - Flexibility


In addition to providing state-of-the-art data security, NetSfere is a highly flexible messaging solution that is simple, intuitive and scalable.

Law Firm Instant Messaging Platform - Communication

Detailed Message Disposition

Receive notifications when messages are delivered and/or read to stay current on the status of information that is being shared in the organization.


Powerful Messaging Technology for Legal & Advisory Firms

Best-in-Class Security

Secure transmission and device-to-device encryption protect messages and attachments using a unique key, providing peace of mind about the privacy and security of confidential client information.

Enhanced Messaging Control

As a cloud-based messaging solution, NetSfere delivers total control over account management, file sharing and policy compliance, including the ability to remotely wipe sensitive data from accounts and devices. Real-time statistics track communication performance indicators like number of accounts, active sessions and messages sent.

Improved Work Efficiency

Instant messaging presents a highly efficient communication channel, enabling team members to communicate and collaborate in real-time. At the sender's discretion, messages can also be delivered via SMS text to facilitate remote work requirements when Wi-Fi or cellular data are unavailable.

Better Client Communication

Temporary client access allows you to invite clients to communicate using a highly secure and private messaging platform--improving client communication and eliminating the inherent risk of sharing information on clients' non-secure messaging platforms.

Secure Document Sharing

NetSfere allows you to safely share documents as attachments to messages, extending the value of your investment by creating additional opportunities for collaboration and file sharing with clients and within the firm.

Optimized Collaboration

NetSfere provides secure, regulatory compliant communications tools that enable instantaneous, contextual team collaboration.


Robust Messaging Features for Legal & Advisory Firms

Device-to-Device Encryption

Secure every message and attachment with a unique key from the time it leaves the sending device until it arrives on receiving devices.

Automated Message Management

Only the most recent messages are stored on devices, allowing users to quickly switch devices.

Temporary Participation

Invite clients to communicate via NetSfere's secure messaging platform for a limited time based on work requirements and changing client relationships.

In-network Storage

Centrally managed, cloud-based storage of messages and attachments, eliminating the need to remove data from outdated devices.

Workflow Integration

Seamless integration of messages sent or received via SMS text to accommodate on-the-go legal workflows and remote communication requirements.

Directory Integration

Integrated directories provide team members with streamlined, instant access to everyone in the firm.

Real-time Reporting

The ability to track key performance indicators in real-time allows you to monitor and improve communication and collaboration in your firm.

Delivered & Read

Receive timely notifications when messages are delivered and read by recipients.

Real-Time Collaboration

Enhance collaboration on internal documents and materials including images and videos with instant screen sharing.

Instant Video Communication

Group conversations become more contextual and seamless with instant video communication.

Message Retention

Store and keep messages for an extended period of time to document communication and conversations.

Ease of Access

Extend the functionality of your messaging service with the ability to leverage any device with Web browser accessibility as a NetSfere access point.