Intuitive and Reliable Messaging for
Travel & Hospitality Organizations

Excellent communication is a hallmark of industry-leading travel and hospitality organizations. But staying in touch with your crew can be tricky, especially if your operation requires diverse routines and work assignments. NetSfere equips travel and hospitality organizations with robust and reliable enterprise messaging technology designed to meet the industry-specific demands you face every day.

NetSfere: Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

Executives across the travel and hospitality industry are discovering that instant messaging and video conferencing are highly effective ways to foster communication and collaboration in their organizations. But the use of consumer-grade instant messaging applications and unsecure video conferencing solutions present serious problems, including the very real threat of security breaches and the loss of customers' personal data.

NetSfere offers an exceptionally secure and robust messaging platform that equips travel and hospitality professionals with intuitive communication and collaboration tools, resulting in improved operational efficiency, greater control and a better customer/guest experience. Key advantages of the NetSfere enterprise messaging platform for travel and hospitality organizations include:

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Reliable Message Delivery

Reliable, intuitive messaging capabilities mean smoother operations and better communication among crew members.

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Internal Broadcasting

Robust broadcasting gives you the ability to instantly distribute information about schedules, crises or other events to the entire team.

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Crew Coordination

Whether you're coordinating room service at a hotel or ground staff on the tarmac, you'll have the ability to coordinate and communicate with the people responsible for providing exceptional customer experiences.

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Secure Coordination with External Partners

Temporary account capabilities create secure messaging opportunities for coordination with travel agencies, airlines, hotels and other travel and hospitality sector partners.


Reliable Messaging for Travel & Hospitality Organizations

Low Per-User Cost

Low per-user costs and unlimited scalability maximize the value of your organization's messaging technology investments, freeing up resources for other operational improvements.

Instant Broadcast Capability

The ability to instantly broadcast information about scheduling, operational updates or crises gives all crew members the knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively.

Remote Management

Centralized management and data storage allows managers and IT to remotely deactivate and wipe accounts for individuals who leave the organization.

Reliable Message Delivery

Reliable and intuitive messaging platform equips travel and hospitality organizations with seamless communication and collaboration capabilities.

Fast & Easy Deployment

Deployment is fast and easy--simply invite team members to download the app on their devices and activate their accounts.

Optimized Communication

Communications tools – text, voice and video - that enable reliable, instantaneous, contextual team collaboration without compromising security.

Best-in-Class Security

Device-to-device encryption assigns a unique security key to the transmission of all messages and attachments, ensuring the privacy of conversations and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.


World-Class Messaging for a Better Customer Experience

Security & Encryption

Advanced 256-bit and device-to-device encryption protects messages and data, ensuring the security of messages from the sender's device to the recipient's.

SMS Text Fallback

When recipients are out of range for Wi-Fi or cellular data, messages can be sent via SMS text and integrated into the user's account via the NetSfere cloud.

Multi-Device Accessibility

With NetSfere, team members can access their accounts on any device with Web browser accessibility, making it easy to switch back and forth between multiple devices.

Enhanced Message Retention

Retain and store messages for extended periods of time, keeping a record of communications within your organization.

Unlimited Scalability

Unlimited scalability eliminates growing pains and prevents operational disruptions due to technology upgrades.

Multimedia Messaging

Team members can share many different types of content using the NetSfere platform.

Temporary Supplier Access

Temporary access for external suppliers and vendors improve the integrity of the supply chain and creates h4er supplier relationships.

Crew/Team Member Broadcasting

Streamlined broadcast capability simultaneously distributes operational and safety information to large groups of staff or crew.

Location Sharing

Location sharing allows managers and supervisors to monitor user locations and take advantage of opportunities for improved operational efficiency.

Integrated Messaging Directories

Integrated directory feature gives your entire staff immediate access to others in the organization, creating opportunities for increased communication and collaboration.

Real-Time Collaboration

Group video calls move to the next level of real-time collaboration with instant screen sharing for teamwork on internal documents and materials including images and videos.

Group Video Calling

Instant video communication within an existing group conversation ensures all participants understand the full context of a discussion prior to joining a meeting. Every video call is encrypted in real-time, providing the end user with full control of the conversation.