Secure, On-the-Go Messaging for
Insurance & Risk Management Firms

Security concerns and geographically diverse workforces are making effective communication and collaboration increasingly difficult for insurance and risk management firms. NetSfere fills the gap with robust, enterprise messaging technology built to meet the security requirements and industry-specific demands of today's fastest growing insurance and risk management organizations.

NetSfere: Messaging Technology for Today's Insurance & Risk Management Industry

In the insurance and risk management sector, agents, sales staff and other team members must be able to quickly and reliably communicate--regardless of their geographic location or device. Although instant messaging and video conferencing applications offer ideal communication vehicles, the use of unsecure workplace communication technology presents serious risks to the organization.

NetSfere is a highly secure and cost-effective mobile messaging platform that improves communication and collaboration using existing devices and BYOD opportunities. NetSfere's cloud-based, enterprise messaging platform offers several important advantages for insurance and risk management firms, including:

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Messaging Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that agents and team members are using a secure, enterprise messaging platform to communicate and collaborate.

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Centralized Management Control

Regain control of your organization's messaging technology--even if agents are using personal devices to communicate internally and with clients.

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Secure Storage & File Transfer

Secure, cloud-based storage and device-to-device encryption ensure the safe transfer and management of attachments.

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Cost-Effective & Scalable Deployment

Attractive pricing and unlimited scalability increase the ROI of your organization's IT investments.


A Better Way for Insurance & Risk Managements Firms to Communicate

Unparalleled Security & Privacy

Low cost-per-user, unlimited scalability and a device-agnostic approach maximize ROI on the organization's investments in communication and messaging technology.

Real-Time Collaboration

Instantaneous, contextual team collaboration with screen sharing ability for teamwork on internal documents and materials including images and videos. Temporary guest access also allows you to securely communicate and collaborate with clients.

Robust Account Management & Controls

Intuitive controls enable the improved management of accounts, giving IT and executives the ability to easily and quickly change access for transient agents or wipe content for agents leaving the organization.

Increased ROI

Secure transmission and device-to-device encryption protect messages and attachments using a unique key, providing peace of mind about the privacy and security of confidential client information.

Seamless Multi-Device Functionality

Multi-device support allows NetSfere users to effortlessly use multiple devices for messaging--without sacrificing data or message security.

Centralized Storage for Audit

The centralized storage of messages and attachments creates an accessible audit trail for managers and authorized users.


Powerful Messaging Features for Insurance & Risk Management Organizations

Secure Data Exchange

256-bit secure data encryption allows agents and team members to safely communicate policy details and other sensitive information, while device-to-device encryption secures messages from the moment they leave the sender's device to the moment they are received.

Group Video Calling

Instant video communication within an existing group conversation allows all participants to understand the full context of a discussion prior to joining a meeting. Every video call is encrypted in real-time, providing you with full control of the conversation.

Total Management Control

Centralized account management gives executive and IT team members the ability to control account access and to remotely wipe data from the accounts of agents who leave the organization.

Location Sharing

Location sharing features allow you to know where agents and other team members are at any given time, creating opportunities for improved scheduling and operational efficiency.

Directory Integration

Integrated organizational directories allow senders to quickly locate message recipients and add other team members to ongoing conversations.

In-network Storage

Centrally managed, cloud-based storage of messages and attachments, eliminating the need to remove data from outdated devices.

Ease of Access

Agents can connect with their NetSfere accounts using any device with Web browser accessibility.

Text Message Fallback

When recipients are out of range for Wi-Fi or cellular data, messages can be sent as SMS texts.

Message Retention

Agents and IT gain the ability to store messages for extended periods of time, providing a robust communications record.

Multimedia Messaging

Share many different types of content among team members--perfect for sharing on-the-spot photos captured by agents in the field.

Multi-Device Capability

The ability to access messages and attachments on multiple devices accommodates work routines for agents and other field-based professionals.

Agent Broadcasting

Streamlined broadcasting capabilities instantly convey promotional or organizational information to geographically diverse agents.