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4 Necessary Features of Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile apps for business have the potential to completely transform communication in your organization. A secure platform enables employees to use personal devices for collaboration and file sharing, while keeping annual operating costs to a minimum.

When you choose a mobile messaging app for your business, you’re choosing a convenient, user-friendly and reliable form of information exchange that empowers your employees to use technology for operational improvement.

4 Must-Have Features of Mobile Apps for Business

You’ve made the decision to deploy a mobile messaging app. But have you thoroughly researched the various solutions and what they have to offer? Before settling on a platform to roll out to your employees, consider these four must-have features of mobile apps for business:

  1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Enabled – Outfitting your entire organization with company-owned devices can get pricey. To manage costs, look for a mobile platform that is BYOD enabled. Most employees have personal devices with Android or iOS operating systems, so be sure the app you choose works with both.
  2. High Levels of Encryption and Security – Encryption and security features set mobile apps for business apart from the myriad consumer-grade apps in today’s mobile marketplace. Since company and client information will be communicated via the messaging technology, you need an app that uses at least a 256-bit encryption key to protect files and data during transmission.
  3. Reliable Delivery – Employees need a reliable form of communication, especially if they need to share something timely or urgent with coworkers or clients. Some mobile apps won’t send messages if the WiFi network is down, or the signal is too weak. To avoid issues with non-delivery, select a mobile messaging app that can transmit secure SMS text messages in the event that an Internet connection isn’t available.
  4. Complete Account Control – Employers are often hesitant to leverage mobile apps in the workplace if they don’t have visibility into employee accounts. But you can select a platform that grants you or an IT administrator complete account control. This gives you the ability to remotely call up employee message history, wipe data and deactivate accounts.

NetSfere: The Market Leader in Mobile Apps for Business

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