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5 Reasons Why Your Employees Want an Enterprise Text Messaging Service

The most successful companies have efficient and productive workforces. No surprise there. But how do you get there? These days, workforce effectiveness often boils down to communication and collaboration – the kinds of capabilities that can be achieved by implementing a robust, enterprise text messaging service.

Why Your Employees Want to Use an Enterprise Text Messaging Service

According to a recent study by Infinite Convergence, 77 percent of IT executives believe than an enterprise text messaging service would be more valuable than their current communication system. And IT managers aren’t the only ones on the secure enterprise text messaging bandwagon.

Record numbers of employees are turning to text messaging as a workplace tool. In fact, two-thirds of workers (66%) use third-party messaging apps in the workplace, largely because they aren’t provided access to enterprise-class messaging technologies.

Your employees have a vested interest in improving workplace efficiency through the use of collaborative technologies. Across all industries, workers demonstrate a clear preference for using an enterprise text messaging service. Here’s why:

  1. Greater Reliability – Enterprise text messaging services are much more reliable than consumer-grade messaging apps. In the enterprise workplace, users need to know that messages and attachments are delivered on time, every time. When recipients are out of Wi-Fi or cellular data range, critical messages still reach recipients via SMS text.
  2. Better Security – Everyone knows that IT managers and C-suite execs care about message security. But workers are also concerned about the security of the information they send and receive. Leading enterprise text messaging services offer device-to-device encryption and secure, cloud-based storage that mitigates risk and eliminates the need for users to perform security upgrades on their own devices.
  3. Enhanced File Sharing – Improved communication isn’t limited to message content. In many workplaces, it’s becoming important for employees to have the ability to securely and conveniently share files and attachments, including many different types of multimedia content.
  4. Multi-device Support – The days when employees performed their jobs on a single device are long gone. Instead, workers seamlessly transition between desktops, smartphones, tablets and other devices. The best enterprise text messaging service providers offer multi-device support features that enable anytime, anywhere access from the device of the user’s choosing.
  5. Easier Account Management – If an employee using a consumer-grade app forgets his password or loses her device, it can be a traumatic event that threatens data security and possibly even the employee’s standing in the organization. But with secure enterprise messaging technology, centralized account management means that IT can easily perform remote data wipes, password changes and other critical account functions.

Concerns that employees won’t embrace an enterprise text messaging service are almost always unfounded. More often than not, employees become powerful advocates in your efforts to improve efficiency and productivity by implementing secure enterprise messaging technology.

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