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Are Text Messages Secure for Communication in Enterprises?

Text messages are a ubiquitous source of communication among consumers and more recently, within enterprises looking to streamline employee collaboration and productivity. But if you are considering the idea of leveraging text messaging to improve your company's internal communications, you have to ask yourself a very important question: Are text messages secure?

Are Text Messages Secure for Enterprise Communications?

Concerns about the safety of company data being transmitted have raised questions about whether or not text messages are a secure form of internal communication for organizations. The truth is that consumer-grade text messaging apps are limited in their security and privacy features.

The most concerning issues for enterprises and SMBs include:

  • Information sent via traditional text messaging is not secure during transmission and is at risk of being intercepted.
  • Text messages are not encrypted or secure when hosted on a wireless provider's server or storage system.
  • Data and information usually remain on a sender or receiver's phone, and are often only deleted when the user decides to do so
  • Third-party viewing and usage--as well as device theft--increases the chance that information stored on a device can be exposed to hackers and cybercriminals.

However, these issues shouldn't completely eliminate the possibility of using text messaging for company communications. But for organizations to use text messaging for enhanced processes and productivity, they need a solution that guarantees safe, reliable communication that can be centrally managed and monitored.

4 Solution Features for Companies That Wonder: Are Text Messages Secure?

By implementing a sophisticated an enterprise messaging solution that incorporates a handful of essential features, you'll never have to ask: Are text messages secure?

  1. Enhanced Security Measures: Safe messaging solutions ensure that messages are securely transmitted between sending and receiving devices--whether corporate-owned or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile devices. For optimum security, look for a solution with industry standard 256-bit encryption.
  2. Streamlined Account Control: Improved account control provides system administrators with complete visibility into employee accounts. Administrators can ensure that the system follows all corporate data retention policies, and they can remotely wipe data from lost devices or deactivated accounts.
  3. Data-Storage Centers: To ensure complete security, messages should be stored in a centralized data repository, i.e., a cloud-based storage system. This makes data management, device upgrades and account control a headache-free process.
  4. Successful Message Delivery Notifications: Never wonder again whether or not your message was received its intended recipient. Secure text messaging solutions will let the sender know that the message was received through delivery notifications.

Are Text Messages Secure? With NetSfere, the Answer Is Always Yes.

As a leader in enterprise messaging solutions, NetSfere provides robust, reliable messaging solutions for companies ready to take the next step in optimizing internal communications. Across a broad range of industries, including health, finance and retail, our solutions deliver safe, secure text messaging capabilities for organizations.

Have you asked yourself, are text messages secure? If the answer is no and you'd like to learn more about how to make your company's text messages secure, contact us today.