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Are You Meeting Federal Data Retention Requirements?

Laws and regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, FINRA and more outline strict data retention requirements for enterprises within the financial industry. This has made file sharing, communication and collaboration increasingly difficult. Enterprises are hesitant to share and store records, fearing they will fall out of compliance and face harsh sanctions.

Instead of discouraging your employees from sharing important data and information across your enterprise, you need a solution that aids message transmission, while simultaneously allowing you to meet federal retention requirements.

Meeting Federal Data Retention Requirements with Enterprise Messaging Solutions

Are you relying on email for internal company communications? If so, you might already have some non-compliance issues on your hands. Email is less than ideal for meeting financial industry data retention standards because employees are in control of where they store messages and when they delete them. This makes it increasingly difficult for IT departments to locate and call up messages, if necessary.

What you need is a better way to meet data retention requirements without hindering employee communication and collaboration. The solution? A secure instant messaging platformfor your enterprise.Unlike email, instant messaging platforms give you increased visibility into the files and data your employees are sending and storing. This is done through two key features:

  1. Centralized Cloud-Based Storage: All messages that employees send and receive are housed in a cloud-configured centralized database. An instant messaging solution that leverages a cloud-based storage platform also means you don’t have to remind employees to regularly delete old or expiring messages. Controls can be managed to store the latest communications, and automatically delete others. A centralized management system makes it much easier for you and your employees to meet data retention standards.
  2. All-Access Account Management and Control: It’s difficult for the head of your IT department to oversee and manage every single employee email account, which can cause difficulties if you’re trying to abide by federal data retention policies. But an instant messaging platform for the enterprise allows IT administrators to have total access to all employee accounts. Need to call up employee message history? No problem. Do you have inactive accounts that need to be deleted? Simple. With a secure messaging solution, managing accounts and data requirements is easy.

Technology for Meeting Data Retention Requirements Is Within Your Reach

The amount of SEC and federal regulations imposed on financial enterprises hasn’t made it easy to achieve seamless channels of communication. That’s why NetSfere created an instant messaging platform that could help companies and their employees communicate in a safe, secure and compliant environment.

Our enterprise messaging technology uses enhanced features including centralized storage, message retention and improved account controls. NetSfere’s enterprise-class platform makes worry over data retention requirements a thing of the past.