Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

The Benefits of a High-Quality Corporate Instant Messaging Platform

Your corporate instant messaging platform is like the circulatory system of your organization; it allows for the free flow of information to support all major functions across the enterprise. But not every messaging vendor will be able to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

Look for these Benefits in a New Corporate Instant Messaging Platform

To ensure that the instant messaging system will be up to the task post-implementation, make sure it includes these benefits

  1. Security: When your corporate instant messaging system is fully secure, there's no worrying about compromised data. But how can you know that your messaging vendor is delivering a fail-safe solution? Make sure the product adheres to 256-bit encryption, the industry-standard. When your enterprise messaging system is encrypted, every message and attachment is secured with a unique key from the moment it's sent to the time it's received on the other end. When such standards are in place, employees and managers alike can rest easy -- and communicate freely.
  2. Total System Management: Every business will use a corporate instant messaging system differently, and only the top vendors will provide your internal administrators with total system control to configure it to the unique needs of your business. From a secure central repository, you should be able to manage, track and analyze the usage of the system. That includes invalidating expired accounts, wiping sensitive data, controlling message lifetime, and regulating the external sharing of attachments. With this functionality, as well as real-time tracking of statistics, your messaging platform can keep every employee compliant with data retention policies.
  3. Agility: Your instant messaging platform should work for you, not against you. Switching devices for the first time should only require users to install the app and enter a password -- after that, it should be a snap. Upgrades to the system should be implemented automatically when it's hosted in the cloud. No manual cleaning of data on your employees' devices should be necessary with automatic message management. When your messaging platform is cloud-based and feature-rich, your business enjoys a frictionless communication solution that quickly adapts to your needs.
  4. Reliability: Even when your corporate messaging system has a full suite of features working behind the scenes, your power-users -- employees -- must be able to count on it day in and day out. If they don't find it easy to use and functionally sound, they will resort to other channels of communication that are not secure and impossible to centrally manage. To avoid such an outcome, your instant messaging solution must allow employees to reliably communicate and collaborate with their teams. It must support many different types of media for sharing, allow for seamless device-switching, and still work even when outside of Wi-Fi or cellular data ranges.

Corporate Instant Messaging has been Elevated to a New Level by NetSfere

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