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Chatbots: What’s New in Mobile Messaging and Enterprise Text

The latest wave of enterprise text and human chat technology isn’t human at all. Chatbots, technology that uses machine learning to engage in conversation with users, can be leveraged to effectively deliver information or services.

The high volume of enterprises adopting text and mobile messaging technology opens the door for chatbots to be combined with internal messaging software, achieving a new level of efficiency and information exchange.

Combining Chatbot Features with Enterprise Text Technology

Enterprise-grade chatbots are similar to those in the consumer arena in that they can provide users with information when prompted. And when combined with enterprise text technology, chatbots can be extremely useful resources for employees.

A few examples of the way chatbots could be leveraged in enterprise messaging include:

  • Inquiries about internal sales numbers and metrics. Staff could reference chatbots when they need to access important numbers and metrics. Chatbots can provide the most recent, real-time numbers.
  • Employees can check on the status of software updates. When asked, chatbots could inform employees when company software was last updated, if an update is pending and when the next update is scheduled to take place.
  • Check on which employees are currently in the office. Employees might be urgently trying to reach a coworker only to discover they’re out of the office. Chatbots can potentially help keep employees informed about which coworkers are in the office and available for communications.
  • Chatbots can serve as guides and how-to manuals. Implementing a new technology or platform? Instead of distributing user manuals that employees might read, chatbots can be set up to serve as a step-by-step guide to help employees adopt new software and processes.

Making Chatbots a Functioning Part of Enterprise Text Solutions

Like enterprise text solutions, chatbots have to be designed for use in a business environment. Before being fully adopted into the enterprise, chatbots need to perform well in key areas:

  • Integration – Leveraging chatbots shouldn’t mean an overhaul of legacy technology. Enterprise chatbot platforms should provide a hassle-free way for developers to integrate with existing technology. This also simplifies user adoption, since employees won’t have to be trained on an entirely new system to use the chatbot.
  • Testing – The implementation and testing of new technology can be difficult for large organizations that don’t regularly change internal solutions. To simplify the testing phase, chatbots should be equipped with functional specifications and frameworks to validate the chatbot’s response and run time.
  • Security – Enterprise data should never be at risk. To protect information and remain compliant with industry security standards, chatbots should provide end-to-end encryption, data security measures and strict access policies. Users can safely communicate internal company information, without the integrity of data ever being in question.

Say Hello to Net-C, the Chatbot and Enterprise Text Feature From NetSfere

As a leading enterprise messaging platform provider, NetSfere is on the cutting edge of enterprise text messaging solutions. Our chatbot feature, Net-C is featured in our enterprise messaging technology. Net-C can guide users through an introductory tutorial, and provide user support. Unlike other chatbots, Net-C deploys end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing the security of data transmitted via the platform.

Interested in learning more about NetSfere’s chatbot and enterprise text messaging solutions? Contact us today to get started.