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Checklist for Secure Messaging and Data Security Best Practices

Organizations that choose to implement a secure messaging platform are making purposeful strides toward increased productivity. However, without the right secure messaging and data security best practices, there is a high likelihood that these organizations will wind up selecting a messaging solution that isn't properly suited to their needs.

A Helpful Checklist for Secure Messaging and Data Security Best Practices

The selection of a secure instant messaging platform can be overwhelming for organizations choosing to implement the technology. Different platforms offer different elements; some are more industry-specific than others. For example, a financial institution might not need the same features as a healthcare organization.

There are, however, some universal features of instant messaging solutions that will provide a simplified communication platform without jeopardizing the integrity of the data that is being transmitted. Secure messaging and data security best practices aren't difficult to follow if organizations keep these things in mind when selecting a solution:

  • High Levels of Data Encryption: This should be a top-of-mind priority for organizations seeking to implement secure instant messaging. Neglecting data encryption can result in disastrous outcomes. To avoid the pitfalls of inadequate data security, decision-makers should narrow their search to platforms that deploy a 256-bit encryption key, at minimum.
  • Platforms That are BYOD-Friendly: Enterprises that choose secure messaging shouldn't have to outfit every employee with a mobile device to use the messaging platform. In addition, it's likely that the majority of employees have their own mobile devices. To remain cost-efficient, select a messaging platform that can be downloaded to employees' Android and iOS devices.
  • Cloud-Based Storage Capabilities: Consumer-grade messages are typically hosted on a mobile-device, making them unsecure for corporate practices. But with a secure platform, messages can be stored and hosted in the Cloud. This ensures that company information -- as well as any sensitive client or customer data -- is not at risk for viewing from unauthorized eyes.
  • Total Account Management and Control: Whether an employee account needs to be deactivated or companies need to maintain their corporate data retention policies, an effective secure messaging platform should give C-level company execs and IT administrators complete control over corporate accounts. This includes the ability to remotely wipe messages and data, and to review an employee's message history.

NetSfere: Stay on Point with Secure Messaging and Data Security Best Practices

At NetSfere, we know that data security is critically important to organizations and enterprises that want to implement a secure messaging platform. Our solutions deploy robust levels of data encryption to ensure that messages remain secure from the moment they are sent to the moment they are received.

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