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Collaboration Platforms Changing Workplace Productivity

The future of productivity in the workplace is coming. In today’s ever evolving workforce, employees need collaboration platforms that increase efficiency and productivity. As where we work and how we work continues to shift, it’s time for employers to integrate state-of-the-art tools that empower their employees and increase their workplace flexibility.

The Demand for Evolution

In recent years, email evolved as the main channel for communication in the workplace. However, businesses are beginning to outgrow email as the need for instantaneous and accessible information only increases. With companies facing time zone differences with various offices, schedule changes and remote employees, a single streamlined and secured platform is essential for instant communication.

With two-thirds of the world’s population using mobile, messaging platforms have become the new center of the enterprise universe. It’s clear from mobile’s accessibility, ease and instantaneity that it’s the future of businesses communication. By freeing employees from the confines of their desks and providing them with the flexibility to access work through their devices, mobile centric environments are accelerating employee productivity.

It’s with the emergence of collaboration platforms that businesses now have the ability to extend the benefits of mobile messaging through all channels - text, video and voice. As organizations continue to integrate collaboration platforms, like NetSfere, they’ll have the ability to upgrade and offer valuable collaboration tools for employees – improving productivity and profitability within the workplace.

Get Onboard with a Mobile Messaging Service

A superior messaging service enables a company’s employees to easily keep track of information between teams and join meetings from wherever they are. NetSfere’s recent update, NetSfere 4.0, offers new features specifically designed to enhance collaboration and drive productivity gains.

  1. HD Audio Group Calling: One of major problems that written communication faces is the occasional inability to grasp what your colleagues are trying to communicate. It’s always easier and more efficient to pick up the phone. Through NetSfere’s HD Audio Group Calling’s ability to start a group audio call within a group conversation through a simple click of a button, it empowers employees to connect with every partner in their business ecosystem.
  2. Polling: Daily polls and surveys are essential in determining meeting times, new product feedback, employee information and more. Through NetSfere’s one of the kind polling feature, businesses can set up a single question survey with particular restrictions, like time limits and multiple-choice capabilities, and gain employee insight without leaving their group chat.
  3. Meeting Scheduler: Finding the right time to schedule a meeting that works for everyone can be exhausting and time consuming. With the integration of NetSfere’s new meeting scheduler, similar to Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant, businesses can streamline the number of platforms users need to set up a meeting. Its unique hosting feature allows users to select if their meeting will take place in NetSfere Live video broadcast or NetSfere Voice and set up a meeting instantaneously.

To learn more about the new NetSfere 4.0 features and how they can help increase your employees productivity, click here.