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Safeguarding Enterprise Cyber Health with Secure Mobile Messaging and Collaboration

Remote and hybrid working models are here to stay and so too are cyber threats that expand attack surfaces and introduce higher levels of risk to organizations. Protecting cyber health requires enterprises to establish solid cyber hygiene practices. One of the most critical cyber hygiene practices for safeguarding data and ensuring compliance involves eliminating major cybersecurity gaps associated with consumer-grade collaboration tools.

Cyber hygiene describes security practices aimed at shutting down threats from cybercriminals and helping prevent security breaches, data loss and compliance violations. Cyber hygiene practices are more important than ever as hybrid and remote working models become the norm. Gartner estimates that in 2022 31% of all workers worldwide will be remote.

As employees increasingly work from anywhere and use their own devices to get work done, adopting secure collaboration tools that support the work from any device, anywhere paradigm is essential to safeguarding enterprise cyber health. Consider that according to the 2020 Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey, 41% of organizations reported experiencing increased ransomware incidents while employees worked from home.

Cyber criminals continue to target unsecure consumer-grade messaging and collaboration tools, exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to enterprise networks and data. To improve cyber hygiene, organizations need to rethink the use of these risky tools before their cyber health is compromised with data loss, compliance violations and legal exposures that are hard to recover from.

Adopting a security guaranteed, compliance guaranteed mobile messaging platform like NetSfere can help enterprises achieve a clean bill of cyber health. That’s because NetSfere has all the features that align with strong cyber hygiene practices while supporting robust communication and collaboration:

  • No data sharing – Unlike other messaging and collaboration solution providers that collect and share private data such as device ID, phone number, location, contacts, user data and diagnostics, NetSfere never collects or shares data.
  • End-to-End Encryption – NetSfere’s mobile messaging platform is architected with industry-leading encryption that protects data and maintains the privacy of company communications.
  • Compliance – Technical safeguards to comply with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), General Data Protection Act (GDPR) or international standards like ISO27001 are built into NetSfere.
  • Administrative control – NetSfere provides visibility and control over the end-users’ devices.
  • Agile collaboration – NetSfere features HD audio, video, screen-sharing, guest access and secure integrations to facilitate communication.
  • Mobility – NetSfere is mobile-first and multi-platform, incorporating mobile capabilities by design.

Moving forward this year, enterprises can strengthen cyber hygiene practices and deliver on cyber health resolutions with NetSfere.

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