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Making the Leap to Enterprise Instant Message Technology

The adoption and implementation of an enterprise instant message solution is an important step in the evolution of your organization's communications strategy. Although the use of popular consumer messaging apps on BYOD or company-owned devices is convenient, it doesn't offer the functionality or security your enterprise requires.

There's no way around it--consumer-grade messaging solutions are creating unnecessary risks for your organization and it's time to make the transition to a robust enterprise instant message platform.

Industry Applications for Enterprise Instant Message Technology

Organizations across a wide range of industries can benefit from robust enterprise instant message solutions. Some of the most common industry applications for advanced enterprise messaging platforms include:

  • Legal -- Legal and advisory firms are fast-paced workplaces that require team members to transmit confidential information to internal and external stakeholders. Reliable and secure messaging solutions improve communication and mitigate the risk of information leaks.
  • Financial -- Like the Legal sector, the Financial sector requires highly secure enterprise instant message technology to reduce the risk of fraud and data loss. Centralized and secure cloud-based storage further lowers the risk of data breaches, while equipping financial professionals with the communication and collaboration resources they need to succeed.
  • Insurance -- The Insurance industry tends to have a geographically diverse workforce. But field agents must be able to quickly communicate with supervisors, peers and clients. Reliable enterprise messaging solutions increase the value of agents' mobile devices for communication and collaboration, and can be used to transmit photos or other attachments from remote locations.
  • Hospitality -- In the hospitality industry, communication and collaboration directly impact the quality of the customer experience--the brass ring for leading hotel and travel providers. Intuitive and highly functional enterprise instant message solutions enable hospitality organization to improve operational efficiency and achieve greater control over communications, resulting in better customer and guest experiences.
  • Retail -- Effective supply chain coordination hinges on fast and reliable communications technology. Enterprise instant message solutions with temporary account access allow retailers and supply chain organizations to maintain seamless communication and coordination with vendors and suppliers.

Key Features of Robust Enterprise Instant Message Solutions

NetSfere specializes in equipping growing businesses with exceptionally robust and flexible enterprise instant message solutions. Designed to improve communication for some of the world's most complex organizations, the NetSfere platform offers several key features, including:

  • Advanced Security -- 256-bit encryption and secure device-to-device transmissions protect critical information and data from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Total Management Control -- Remote wipe, account deactivation, reporting and other capabilities give IT total control of enterprise instant messaging.
  • Cloud-based Data Storage -- Centralized storage of data and messages in the cloud further reduces the risk of data loss.
  • Reliable Messaging -- Communicate confidently with highly functional and reliable messaging technology that allows users to receive messages via SMS text when they are out of Wi-Fi or cellular data range.

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