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Does Your Mobile Message Technology Meet HIPAA Data Security Standards?

Mobile messaging technology has increased in popularity in hospitals, medical practices and health insurance organizations as a reliable alternative to pagers and loudspeaker systems. HIPAA data security policies mandate that these solutions must control:

  • Who has access to patients’ electronic personal health information (ePHI)
  • How files are shared among medical staff and patients
  • The security of information stored on mobile devices

If your medical practice is using a mobile messaging solution that doesn’t meet HIPPA security standards, you could face fines upward of $50,000.

Ensuring Your Mobile Messaging Platform Meets HIPPA Data Security Standards

For healthcare organizations to avoid steep fines and federal sanctions due to HIPAA non-compliance, your mobile messaging platform needs to meet policy guidelines and HIPAA data security standards.

At NetSfere, we know that finding a HIPAA-compliant messaging solution that meets all regulations and guidelines feels overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. When searching for technology to introduce to hospital staff or insurance office personnel, look for a solution that provides the following capabilities and controls:

  • Total Account Controls – IT managers and account administrators should have unparalleled access to all employee accounts. This includes the ability to look up employee message histories and to temporarily suspend an account in the event that an employee’s mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Remote Wipe Capabilities – A patient’s health information shouldn’t be stored on any device for any length of time. Select a messaging solution that enables system administrators to remotely access and delete sensitive data and messaging history.
  • Robust Security Measures – It’s not uncommon for healthcare forms to contain highly sensitive information like social security numbers – and it can be detrimental to patients if that information is intercepted by an unauthorized third party. Don’t settle on security standards. Choose a messaging platform that leverages high levels of security (at least 256-bit encryption) to protect transmitted information.
  • In-depth Performance Tracking and Risk Assessment – It’s important for hospitals, medical practices and healthcare organizations to conduct ongoing risk assessments to identify lapses in HIPAA data security. Choose a solution that delivers real-time, granular insights into platform usage.

Staying on the Right Side of HIPAA Data Security Policies

NetSfere is at the forefront of mobile messaging platforms for use in hospital and healthcare settings. We take extra care to ensure our technology meets all HIPAA regulations and guidelines, while simultaneously providing your staff with a user-friendly, reliable mobile messaging solution.

To learn more about messaging technology that meets HIPAA data security policies, contact NetSfere today.