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Don't Ignore These 3 Business Texting App Features

A business texting app may sound like a simple product, but there are a variety of features and functionality across the market. This breadth of options means that the right solution is probably out there for your business. The downside, however, is that the volume of potential solutions can be overwhelming.

What to Look for in a Business Texting App

Once it's been decided that your business needs a more feature-rich business texting app, you need to know what to look for in each of the available options so that you land on a solution that will improve your business -- even as it grows.

  • Encryption: The most common business case for a business texting app that goes beyond the consumer-grade apps is a need for security. Sensitive internal data is too often too important to exchange without the proper level of messaging encryption in place. The industry standard for encryption is 256 bits, so don't settle for any app that offers less if security is a top priority for your organization. Ignoring security features could result in the loss of business secrets, strained relationships with customers, and even damage to your brand reputation.
  • Cloud-based technology: When your company's messaging data is managed in the cloud, administrators are able to ensure that compliance protocols are in place and adhered to, they can analyze communication statistics, and sensitive data can be remotely wiped when necessary. Updates to your texting platform are also seamless when you use cloud-based technology -- an often overlooked benefit. Not only that, but using a cloud-based business texting app will also ensure that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands when an employee's device is lost or stolen.
  • Intuitive Interface: For all its fancy new features, your new enterprise texting app must be usable for your employees. You know you have a winner when any employee can pick it up and start using it immediately with minimal training. It's risky to assume that your employees are all as tech-savvy as your IT department. If there are ever concerns with a potential solution's usability, bring your employees into the decision-making process early to avoid any future user errors with a complicated design.

Use NetSfere for the Ultimate Business Texting App

Texting is not just for teens anymore -- businesses across every industry use SMS messaging to communicate with their coworkers and get things done. When your company needs a business texting app that combines security, agility and design into one simple solution, you need NetSfere.

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