Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

The Dos and Don'ts of Implementing Enterprise IM

Secure enterprise IM technology is a practical solution for organizations that want to enhance internal communication without compromising data integrity and security. Instant messaging has been used between company employees for years. But consumer grade applications are not entirely secure, leaving information that is transmitted vulnerable to unauthorized third-party viewing or theft.

The Dos and Don'ts of Secure Enterprise IM

Secure instant messaging for enterprises can lead to increased productivity and more employees collaborating with one another. However, choosing the right technology can take a lot of time and research. There are several enterprise messaging platforms available with different features and benefits.

When you're researching platforms, keep in mind a few dos and don'ts before selecting and implementing enterprise IM technology.


  • Adopt a Platform Enabled for BYOD: Attempting to outfit your entire organization with mobile devices is costly and time-consuming. Instead, leverage a platform that allows for secure messaging on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology. Employees won't have to switch between corporate and personal devices -- and you can keep your organization's operational costs down.
  • Use Technology with a Cloud-Based Platform: Managing devices should be simple. A cloud-based platform enables you to oversee employee account activity and makes upgrading software a one-step process. Additionally, you should have the ability to delete messages and disable unused accounts, both in the office and remotely.
  • Select a Platform that Delivers In-Depth Performance Metrics: You want to be sure you've implemented the best enterprise IM for your business and are receiving the highest return on investment. A platform that monitors system performance metrics like account activity and average number of messages sent gives you keen insight into the usage and effectiveness of your solution.


  • Settle for Average Levels of Security: Information exchanged within a company contains sensitive information. Failing to implement high levels of security can compromise that information and be detrimental to your business. Your secure messaging solution should implement robust levels of security and encryption -- 256-bit is the industry standard.
  • Choose a Platform That Isn't Easily Integrated: This is especially true if you want secure messaging technology that can be used on BYOD devices. By choosing a platform that is only compatible with one type of operating system, you're likely excluding a large majority of your workforce. To avoid doing so, choose a platform that easily integrates with iOS, Android and Web-based software.
  • Limit Secure Communication to Internal Employees: If you deal with external clients and partners, you should be able to use the same enterprise IM platform that you use within your company. An ideal secure messaging solution allows you to communicate with external contacts by providing temporary log-in access, giving you the ability to securely share sensitive files and information.

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