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Emergency Communications: No Ifs About It - Enterprises Need NetSfere Lifeline™ Now

In crisis situations, companies that can’t effectively communicate can’t effectively respond. Enterprises need to be able to respond rapidly to emergencies and unplanned events to keep employees safe. While crisis situations are unpredictable, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored that it is not a matter of if an emergency situation will occur but when. The certainty that no enterprise is immune from crisis situations makes an emergency alert system mission-critical for all organizations.

Emergency communications technology like NetSfere’s recently launched Lifeline™ emergency alert system should be a central part of enterprise emergency preparedness and response. Built within our secure messaging platform, NetSfere Lifeline™ helps enterprises disseminate vital information quickly and reliably during crises. That’s critical for keeping today’s distributed workforce updated in real-time to rapidly changing conditions. Using NetSfere Lifeline™, organizations can save precious response time to protect employees and help mitigate risk in times of crisis.

The introduction of NetSfere Lifeline™ follows the launch earlier this year of NetSfere Broadcast Message Center (BMC), a 5G equipped, field-proven, carrier-grade emergency alert solution which enables government agencies worldwide to communicate vital information to citizens. Designed to distribute messages quickly and efficiently to all active mobile devices in one or more cells or to all active devices in a cellular network, BMC has been selected for use by multiple Tier-1 cellular operators in Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East, North America and South America.

Like government agencies, enterprises also need a mobile-first, centralized platform that is not only secure, compliant and reliable, but one that also works seamlessly within the workplace, remote, or on a mobile device.

NetSfere Lifeline™ is that solution. With this solution, the emergency broadcast capability currently deployed for mobile networks globally is now available to enterprise customers in their own private NetSfere Enterprise network.

Using the NetSfere Lifeline™ capability, IT administrators can create emergency broadcast channels for the entire organization or designate specific teams or departments to send targeted information. When a message is received, it clearly and effectively brings attention to the “emergency” priority, with a full screen notification as well as audible alert tones that require user attention and acknowledgement. Messages can include text, images, or locations, ensuring that all essential information can be shared.

There is no question that emergency alert systems are a critical part of effective enterprise incident preparedness, response and operational resiliency. In an August 2021 451 Research/S&P Global Market Intelligence report, “The hybrid workplace, Part 3: Emerging requirements and use cases for real-time communications and collaboration,” Raúl Castañón-Martinez, 451 Research Senior Analyst for Workforce Collaboration noted that organizational and operational resiliency have become a top priority post-pandemic and “these factors will drive market requirements for business communications and collaboration, with features such as encryption, emergency communications, enhanced 911, and safety check becoming an important differentiation for vendors.”

To that point, it’s not if enterprises need emergency alert systems – with the certainty of crisis all enterprises need NetSfere Lifeline™ - and the when is now.

Contact us today to find out how NetSfere Lifeline™ can support and improve your organization’s emergency preparedness and response.