Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

Must-Have Features for Enterprise Mobile Messaging Solutions

Enterprise mobile messaging solutions are all the rage these days.

That's because implementing an enterprise mobile messaging solution allows your organization to engage in device-to-device communication and collaborations without putting any company files at risk.

But finding one that meets security requirements and effectively improves collaboration among employees is another matter altogether.

Key features to consider when evaluating an enterprise mobile messaging solution include:

  1. Strong Security -- Focus your search on solutions that feature 256-bit security encryption. This is an industry standard and will assure privacy of communications within your company and prevent the loss or theft of data--a critical concern for communication and file sharing in the enterprise.
  2. Enhanced Control -- Organization controls give your IT department complete account access and remote management capabilities. In addition, real-time insights provide you with information such as the number of accounts, active sessions and messages sent.
  3. Cloud-Based Storage -- Secure, cloud-based storage provides centralized management over data and messaging. Automated messaging management only stores the latest messages on-device so users and IT no longer need to worry about old data living on devices. Zero-effort device upgrade capabilities eliminate the time and expense of updating applications on individual devices.
  4. Dependable Message Transmission -- An enterprise mobile messaging solution should offer the option to send messages via secure SMS text capability when users are out of Wi-Fi or cellular data range, without compromising seamless message delivery.

NetSfere: State-of-the-Art Mobile Messaging Solutions for Business

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