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Why Enterprises Are Embracing Secure Messaging Solutions

Not sure whether your organization needs secure messaging solutions? Whether you realize it or not--you do. Right now, employees across your enterprise are using third-party messaging apps for internal communication and file sharing. And in most cases, they're relying on consumer-grade messaging technology that is leaving your organization vulnerable to fraud, data loss and other serious security threats.

The Need for Secure Messaging Solutions

According to a 2014 Enterprise Internal Messaging Trends study conducted by Infinite Convergence Solutions, 70 percent of IT decision-makers at large companies are concerned about their employees using third-party messaging and chat apps for internal communication and file sharing.

Other study findings included:

  • 59 percent of IT managers and executives believe that the third-party messaging and chat apps their employees are using aren't secure enough to handle enterprise communications.
  • Nearly half (41%) of decision-makers currently ban the use of one or more third-party chat apps in their workplaces.
  • The vast majority of IT execs surveyed (84%) report that enterprise secure messaging solutions are a more secure alternative.

In many enterprises, the use of non-approved, the use of consumer-grade messaging and chat apps is the elephant in the room--everyone knows it's happening, but no one wants to address the security risks it poses to the organization.

The simple truth is that your enterprise can't afford to look the other way any longer. The security risks are real and the time to implement secure messaging solutions is now.

Considerations When Implementing Secure Mobile Messaging Solutions

Secure mobile messaging solutions deliver communication advantage to some of the world's leading enterprise organizations. But not all enterprise messaging platforms offer the same level of security. Key features to look for when implementing corporate messaging technology include:

  • Secure Transmissions -- The best enterprise messaging solutions provide device-to-device encryption with unique keys, ensuring that messages and data are protected from the time they leave one device until the time they are received on the next.
  • Secure Cloud-based Storage -- To improve the security of stored data and messages, focus on platforms that feature 256-bit encryption the industry standard for data security.
  • Reliability and Convenience -- Your enterprise messaging solution needs to be reliable and convenient for users. If lacks functionality or reliability, employees will simply disregard it and migrate to less secure, consumer-grade messaging apps.
  • Management Control -- Secure messaging solutions give IT total management control, including remote wipe and account deactivation capabilities.
  • Efficient Upgrades -- Patches and updates maintain the ongoing security of data and information. Cloud-based messaging platforms require zero effort for updates and upgrades, and are much more efficient than on-device solutions.

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