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The Four Major Types of Apps for Businesses

Apps for mobile, desktop computers, laptops and tablets have simplified the way we live our lives, and apps for business have improved the way we do our jobs. We look for similar qualities in our work apps as we do in the apps we use for daily living. Whether for work, leisure, or a blend of both, apps should help us streamline processes and automate repetitive tasks through intuitive, user-friendly interfaces.

Four Major Types of Apps for Business

As cloud computing solutions and software as a service (SaaS) offerings proliferate, there is no shortage of options available to anyone looking to procure new efficiency-boosting apps for business. Before you begin your search, however, it would be worthwhile to know the major categories of business apps available today.

  1. File management: First, the Internet reduced our reliance on paper-based communication and documentation. Now, digital documents themselves are being liberated from traditional desktop programs such as Microsoft Office. Thanks to file management apps for business, documents no longer have to live on our device hardware, where they remain walled-off from collaboration and are susceptible to complete data loss after a computer crash. Instead, file management apps allow you to create, save and collaborate on documents in the cloud from any location or device.
  2. Task management: As job roles across industries have required a wider breadth of responsibilities and skills, our to-do lists have grown longer and longer. With the new breed of task management apps, employees are able to stay on top of priorities and impending deadlines while gaining visibility into the tasks and sub-tasks that their teammates are working on across the enterprise. Many task management apps for business integrate with calendar apps as well, making it easy to set alerts and manage future plans such as vacation time with unprecedented ease.
  3. Customer relationship management: The Internet, social media, and continued growth of business travel have expanded the number of customer touchpoints exponentially. For sales people on the go, it's crucial to be able to manage customer relationships from anywhere -- whether in an airport, a hotel or a taxi. With the new breed of CRM apps on the market, businesses can empower their salespeople with instant insight into customer relationships before the meeting, and seamless updates and integration with other apps after the meeting.
  4. Communication: When it comes to the latest apps for business, the name of the game is communication. Apps that enable immediate, low-friction communication among internal employees are often game-changers for an organization's productivity. From sales to customer support to administrative tasks, there is no understating the importance of fluid and secure communication within your business. The latest communication apps for business allow for secure instant messaging and texting across the enterprise, allowing your employees to bypass any reliance on high-friction, vulnerable consumer-grade messaging channels.

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