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How Business Instant Messaging is Revolutionizing Company Communications

Instant messaging is nothing new in the technology game. But business instant messaging software is changing the way employees are able to communicate with each other.

By harnessing IM technology -- with a few improved features that enable use in a corporate setting -- managers and employees enjoy improved communication practices, as well as an uptick in overall productivity.

How Business Instant Messaging Software Is Improving the Corporate Communications Landscape

Instant messaging is a commonplace social tool. Now, it's being leveraged across a variety of sectors to improve internal communications between managers and employers, as well as external communications with clients.

Here are some more ways business instant messaging software is changing the corporate communications landscape:

  • It Allows Secure File and Data Sharing: It's no secret that information within an office, whether it's financial records or personal health information, should be protected at all times. Enterprise instant messaging software deploys a high level of security and encryption, giving managers peace of mind when sensitive information is shared between team members. Employees can get information to each other as quickly as instant messages are delivered -- without compromising the security or integrity of data.
  • It Encourages Employee Collaboration and Communication: Many companies operate with headquarters and satellite offices around the country. Communication and collaboration between offices is typically done through email, which isn't the most reliable or productive method. It's easy for emails to be ignored or filtered into different folders, causing employees to miss important messages. Instant messaging enables team members to reach one another in a quicker fashion and effortlessly share necessary information. Additionally, most instant messaging platforms provide delivery and read receipts, alerting team members when their messages have been received and opened.
  • It Simplifies Corporate and Federal Data Retention Policies: Most businesses, specifically those in the financial and health sector, have a set of strict data retention policies they must abide by. This includes message archiving and limiting access to personal records. The right business instant messaging software simplifies compliance, so companies are never hit with lofty fees for failure to meet regulations including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

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