Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

How Various Industries Can Use Secure Enterprise Messaging

Wondering how secure enterprise messaging can be of use to your organization? You're not alone. As enterprise IM has become increasingly present in various businesses and sectors, key decision makers and executives are examining how this every day, ever-present technology can be leveraged for better business practices.

How Secure Enterprise Messaging Serves Your Industry

Once it's been decided that your business needs a more feature-rich business texting app, you need to know what to look for in each of the available options so that you land on a solution that will improve your business -- even as it grows.

There isn't an industry or business sector that can't benefit from effective collaboration and communication. And secure enterprise messaging isn't one size fits all. Depending on the solution that is deployed and how it is used, every business can experience the advantages of a secure enterprise IM solution for day-to-day communications.

  • Healthcare & Patient Services : One of the main goals of the healthcare industry is to provide streamlined patient care. HIPAA-compliant enterprise messaging delivers improved patient care by enabling doctors, physicians and nurses to communicate electronic protected health information (ePHI) securely. Healthcare professionals can also discuss patient records and update each another regarding specific patient treatments.
  • Legal & Advisory Firms : Lawyers are constantly communicating with team members and clients regarding cases and court proceedings. And often, they need to communicate this information immediately. Secure enterprise messaging allows for sensitive files to be shared in a timely and efficient manner. Even more, most enterprise IM solutions will provide read and delivery receipts, so lawyers and advisors are never left wondering if their client received a correspondence.
  • Finance & Banking: Financial information is extremely sensitive. It's also the type of information that is most prone to data theft. But this shouldn't stop financial and banking institutions from deploying enterprise IM. Robust solutions feature high-levels of data security (at least 256-bit encryption). And you shouldn't be worried about complying with federal data retention policies either, since the right solution enables companies to fully comply with mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank.
  • Hospitality & Guest Services: In the hospitality sector, excellent communication improves the guest experience. But relying on antiquated methods like pagers and intercoms isn't conducive to effective communications. Enterprise IM enables professionals in the hospitality industry to communicate with one another regarding guests, travel arrangements and more -- without compromising the integrity of guests' personal information.
  • Supply Chain, Retail & Warehouse Management : If there's one thing that employees working in warehouses or retail need, it's immediate insights into things like inventory, order fulfillment, etc. An enterprise instant messaging platform allows warehouse workers to communicate with those in the front office, resulting in streamlined back-end processes. The ability to instantly receive stock and inventory data makes it easier for employees to relay information to third-party suppliers and vendors, filling any necessary warehouse needs.

Deploying instant messaging technology that doesn't address industry-specific needs can hurt your organization rather than help it. But a secure enterprise messaging solution that is designed for your specific sector opens a completely new channel of communication, leading to measurable business improvement.

No Matter the Industry, NetSfere's Has You Covered with Secure Enterprise Messaging

At NetSfere, we know that effective communication and collaboration can differentiate your business from the competition. That's why we've developed enterprise IM solutions designed to meet the unique needs of specific business sectors. You can rest easy knowing that our technology abides by corporate and federal regulations, while simultaneously delivering the highest ROI for your organization.

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