Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

Industries That Need Secure Messaging Apps

The increased use of consumer messaging technology in the workplace has made enterprise communication security a top concern for businesses.

Of course, security is a top priority for every organization, but certain industries are on the forefront of deploying secure messaging apps -- and for good reason.

Industries that can benefit from secure messaging technology include:

  • Legal and Advisory -- Law firms and in-house legal counsel need best-in-class security and control for communication between legal teams and clients. Consider the potential downside if a legal team failed in their obligation to protect sensitive client data. It's not worth the risk, and a small investment in secure messaging apps can effectively prevent a wide array of worst-case scenarios
  • Finance and Banking -- Total data security can finance company collaboration and secure, confidential banking a reality, but compliance and risk management are the main drivers of the finance industry's embracing secure messaging apps. A veritable alphabet soup of regulatory agencies and rule -- FDIC, NIST, FINRA, Sox, COBIT, COSO ISO, GLB, and SEC -- govern messaging security and archiving requirements, so it's no surprise that this industry is one of the biggest procurers of secure messaging apps and related technology.
  • Insurance and Risk Management -- In the insurance industry, an advanced secure messaging app can facilitate communication among geographically diverse agents and team members, but that's not the only secure messaging motivator for this high-profile industry. Similar to companies in financial industries, insurers are also subject to numerous regulations relating to security and information privacy. But the biggest motivator is the business damage that occurs when insurance customers lose faith in the ability of an insurer, agent or broker to protect private customer information.
  • Travel and Hospitality -- In these service industries, streamlined messaging technology enhances employee productivity and results in improved customer experience. Regulatory and compliance issues are not big drivers for this industry. Instead, it's all about service and productivity. It turns out that travel and hospitality customers that get messaging infrastructure right can serve customers better, and that, in turn, leads to market share gains and growing profits.
  • Supply Chain and Retail -- Many smart logistics firms are adopting efficient and cost-effective messaging for better supply chain coordination. It makes sense. Re-routing shipments on the fly, conveying shipment status, ensuring that inventory is at the right levels -- these are all business issues that are predicated on good, fast communication. It's no wonder that supply chain and retail companies are one of the most active buyers of enterprise-grade, secure messaging apps.
  • Healthcare -- One word: HIPPA. In the United States, HIPPA secure messaging rules have healthcare executives around the country asking "Is my messaging app secure? Is it HIPPA-compliant?" Around the globe, other countries have their HIPPA-equivalents that protect patient information. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the healthcare industry is currently on the hunt for great secure messaging solutions.

The industries we've discussed above are driving most of the inquiries at NetSfere, where we've created the market's best secure enterprise messaging solution. But we also get inquiries from companies in a wide array of other industries.

It makes sense. Security, communication, productivity -- these are key success factors for every organization. Without a doubt, every organization stands to benefit from deploying powerful, affordable secure messaging apps across their entire employee base.

NetSfere: Secure Messaging Solutions for Your Industry

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