Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

Key Features of a Secure Texting App

Text messaging has often been an off-limits policy for internal communications in enterprises, especially when it comes to security and employee productivity. But companies that push their employees toward email instead of leveraging a secure texting app might actually be hindering employee-to-employee communication, collaboration and productivity.

With secure messaging technology, companies can achieve a new level of workforce efficiency--without compromising information security.

Choosing a Secure Texting App: 4 Features to Look For

Text messaging is a fast, user-friendly method of communication that everyone uses. So, there's no reason that enterprises shouldn't harness texting to streamline communications between employees and increase productivity. A secure texting app enables you to provide a simpler method of contact for your workforce--without jeopardizing sensitive company information, data or multimedia.

Now the question remains, what features do you need to look for when selecting a secure texting app?

  • Robust Security -- You can never be too careful when protecting your company's information. Secure enterprise messaging should encrypt transmission between the sending and receiving devices. As a rule of thumb, look for a solution with an industry standard 256-bit encryption. With this high level of security, employees can use the messaging app on corporate-owned, as well as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile devices.
  • Complete Account Access and Control -- Total account management gives system administrators and IT departments the ability to oversee all account information, including the number of active sessions and messages sent. With full access, you're able to invalidate expired or unused accounts, as well as remotely wipe sensitive data. In addition, you'll ensure that you remain compliant with corporate data retention policies.
  • Centralized Storage -- To ensure messages containing sensitive company information remain secure, look for a messaging solution that offers a centralized data repository--i.e., a cloud-based storage system. Since messages and attachments are safely stored in the cloud, device upgrades are a simple, headache-free process. Even more, centralized storage will have automated message management, so you don't need to continuously delete old messages.
  • Reliable Message Delivery -- Employees shouldn't have to worry about whether or not their messages were sent and received. A secure texting app with reliable delivery ensures smooth collaboration between team members. And if Wi-Fi or cellular data isn't available, messages should still be delivered via TEXT text messages.

Secure Texting App Solutions with NetSfere

As an industry leader in secure enterprise messaging technology, NetSfere provides safe and secure instant messaging solutions for companies across a diverse range of industries. From healthcare to banking, finance to hospitality, NetSfere products enable real-time, streamlined communications for workforces.

To learn more about how NetSfere's secure texting app can improve employee communication and collaboration, contact us today.