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Mobile Data Security Solutions for Legal Firms

Legal and advisory firms deal with high volumes of information, which is why it’s vital to make sure your data security solutions go the extra mile to protect sensitive client and corporate information. But as your employees constantly share data and legal documents, it’s easy to let security standards fall by the wayside.

The good news is that you don’t need to completely overhaul your company security practices. Often, the solution is simply implementing a new communication strategy that increases security without decreasing productivity.

Key Features of Mobile Data Security Solutions for Legal & Advisory Firms

To adequately protect the security and privacy of client and company information, consider using mobile data security solutions like enterprise text messaging. Enterprise-grade messaging solutions are simple, cost-effective and scalable to your firm’s needs.

Robust, top-tier enterprise texting solutions encompass a variety of features and capabilities including:

  • Device-to-Device Encryption – Messages containing attachments and multimedia files are secured with a unique key during transmission, unlocking only when the message has safely been received by users.
  • On-Premise Storage – Centrally managed, cloud-based storage makes message management hassle free. IT and account administrators can oversee data from a single repository, eliminating the need to police individual devices.
  • Message Visibility – Never wonder whether a message successfully reached its recipient again. Enterprise messaging technology allows you to receive notifications and read receipts upon successful delivery, keeping you up-to-date on the latest documents and proceedings.
  • Administrative Control – Enterprise messaging designed for legal firms gives administrators total control over accounts. Management can call up message history, delete expired employee accounts and remotely wipe data when necessary.
  • Zero Compliance Risks – Law firms are responsible for abiding by privacy and information security laws, or risk non-compliance fines. Enterprise-grade messaging technology makes it simple to stay on the right side of these regulations through message storage and security.
  • Temporary Guest Access – Need to share sensitive information with a client? Secure enterprise software allows you to grant temporary guest access to customers with a unique username and password. Usernames and passwords expire after a designated timeframe, or when you choose to invalidate them.

Top-Tier Mobile Data Security Solutions From NetSfere

Law firms around the world are benefitting from mobile data security solutions like enterprise text messaging. And you can too.

NetSfere equips legal and advisory firms with highly secure and reliable messaging solutions for improved communications between employees, as well as with clients. Armed with secure transmission and high-level encryption technology, NetSfere ensures that corporate and client data is always protected. This frees team members to discuss and share whatever they need without incurring data security risks.

It’s time to get on board with mobile data security solutions. It’s time for NetSfere. To get started, contact us today.