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4 Must-Have Features in a Secure Texting Application

Growing organizations are increasingly turning to text messaging to optimize communications and operational performance. But it's important for enterprises and large organizations to use a secure texting application for scenarios that require data and file sharing.

With an abundance of choices when it comes to secure texting apps, what should you be looking for in an ideal platform?

4 Must-Have Features in a Secure Texting Application

Texting is a simple, convenient way to communicate, especially for employees within enterprises. But everyday, consumer-grade text messaging apps aren't the right option for most companies. Instead, organizations need a secure texting application with features that keep internal data secure and enhance collaboration among internal and external stakeholders.

  1. User-Friendliness: Before introducing your staff to a secure messaging app, ask yourself several key questions: How simple is the app to navigate? How easily can messages be read and sent? One of the most important factors to consider of messaging is how simple and convenient it is for employees to use. Additionally, pick an application that is multi-device enabled and can be used on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile devices so that employees using Android or iOS software can download the app right to their phone
  2. High Levels of Security: You need to know that information is completely secure when it is shared between employees. As a rule of thumb, look for a secure texting application that has an industry-standard 256-bit encryption to protect data. In addition, device-to-device encryption should secure messages with a unique key during transmission, so it's safe from the moment it is sent to the moment it is received.
  3. Reliable Message Delivery: You shouldn't have to worry about whether or not a message has reached its intended recipient. A secure text message platform should provide users with delivery notifications when a message has been received -- as well as when it's been read. And when Wi-Fi or cellular connections aren't available, a strong solution will deliver transmission as SMS text messages.
  4. Message Recall Capabilities: A secure messaging platform should allow system administrators and IT personnel to access messages after they've been sent. A good solution will enable your organization's IT department to recall and delete messages as necessary -- whether remotely or in person.

By leveraging a secure texting application, organizations can benefit from improved employee productivity, collaboration and communication.

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