Is Your Digital Business Communication Secure? That’s Never in Question with NetSfere.

There is no doubt that effective employee communication is a key driver of business performance. Consider that research by Zippia found that 86% of workforce respondents blame poor communication as the main reason for company failures and companies with 100,000+ employees lost $62.4 million per year to miscommunication.

While enterprises recognize the importance of good communication, enabling that communication became more complex with the transition to remote and hybrid working at scale. To support the communication and workflows of in-office, remote and hybrid employees, companies are leveraging digital platforms. Today, workers are spending an average of 20 hours a week using digital communication tools, according to data from Forbes Advisor.

As business communication increasingly happens over digital channels, organizations need to ask themselves whether this communication is secure.

Enterprises using NetSfere, the most secure mobile messaging and collaboration platform on the market, never need to ask this question.

With NetSfere’s all-in-one platform, enterprises can harness the power of technology to optimize communication, improve workflows, increase productivity, drive innovation, and enhance employee engagement, all without compromising security or compliance.

Here are some of the business critical features that make NetSfere the number one solution for the most secure, compliant digital business communication:

Industry-leading end-to-end encryption - business communication is locked down and secure in transit and at rest.

Full IT control - advanced administrative control features and technical safeguards give IT full control over communications relationships.

Guaranteed compliance – Compliance is guaranteed with the integration of industry-leading encryption and robust technical safeguards and administrative controls.

Secure, seamless communication and collaboration – NetSfere provides a convenient and frictionless way to share ideas, files, and data without compromising the security of networks and systems.

No data collection ever - NetSfere’s strict no data collection approach never puts organizations at risk.

As enterprise communication increasingly happens over digital channels, it’s mission critical for that communication to be secure and compliant. With NetSfere, it is – no question about it.

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