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Organizational Advantages of HIPAA Compliant Chat

A HIPAA-compliant chat solution is the ultimate tool for hospitals, medical practices and healthcare organizations. Why? Because chat technology streamlines internal communications, enhances patient care and enables medical organizations to adopt a simpler, more user-friendly platform to communicate with coworkers.

4 Advantages of HIPAA-Compliant Chat Technology

Nearly everyone is armed with a mobile device, and the use of instant messaging and chat technology has increased across all industries. While the healthcare industry has relied on traditional, unreliable forms of communication, a chat solution that meets HIPAA regulations is a step in the right direction toward upgrading internal communication systems.

Consider these four organizational advantages of HIPAA-compliant chat technology:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Doctors, nurses and physicians constantly need to share patient information with each other, including X-rays, medical history, medications and more. Instead of attempting to track down a coworker via a loudspeaker or pager, employees can send a secure message with attachments regarding the patient that needs attending.
  • Higher Volume of Patients Served: Once a patient has been thoroughly evaluated and treated, medical personnel can alert the correct staff member via chat that the patient is ready for discharge. This enables staff to treat patients in a faster and more efficient fashion.
  • Improved Data Security: Think internal chat technology risks patient confidentiality and security? Think again. A messaging solution that is HIPAA compliant must adhere to a strict set of data security guidelines that safeguards the integrity of electronic protected health information (ePHI). Hospital and medical practice staff can freely communicate patient records without fear of unauthorized third-party access.
  • Optimized Communication Strategies: Outdated communication practices aren't ideal for finding attending physicians within a large hospital or medical practice. By using chat technology, front desk staff, nurses and doctors can find who they're looking for with the touch of a few buttons. Staff can head directly to the department where they're needed -- there's no risk of missing pages or not hearing requests over a PA system.

Organizations in the healthcare industry don't have time for slow communication. They need nimble, easy-to-use technology that simplifies day-to-day responsibility for medical staff, allowing them to provide patients with the best treatment available.

HIPAA-Compliant Chat Technology You Can Count On

NetSfere understands the value of secure messaging for healthcare organizations. That's why we've developed a HIPAA-compliant chat platform that allows hospitals and medical practices to embrace robust messaging technology. Our secure, reliable and user-friendly solution will give your employees the tools they need to communicate more effectively.

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