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A Prescription for Secure Mobile Messaging to Help Improve Patient Care

As the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues, doctors, nurses, first responders and other medical professionals are now more than ever operating in a demanding, fast-paced environment and need solutions that will help them communicate and collaborate with immediacy and efficiency.

Healthcare providers are turning to NetSfere’s mobile messaging platform which not only allows them to communicate with speed and precision, but is tailored to the healthcare industry. NetSfere’s recent integration with Nuance® Dragon® Medical SpeechKit enables a secure and encrypted messaging experience for healthcare organizations that accurately understands complex medical jargon shared through voice commands.

With the increasing adoption of speech technology using mobile messaging, healthcare providers are moving away from consumer-grade messaging apps. These app lack the ability to recognize industry-specific vocabulary routinely used in the medical field such as anatomical and surgical terms, procedures, diagnostic tests, ailments, and prescription drug names. Instead, providers are shifting to NetSfere, a solution that boosts the efficiency of collaborating and exchanging patient data, allowing doctors, nurses and staff to spend more time focusing on patients to improve health outcomes.

NetSfere’s integration of speech recognition allows healthcare systems and providers to securely capture patient status and clinical documentation and communicate this information instantaneously across clinical care teams. Most importantly, with NetSfere they can do this while meeting healthcare industry security and compliance requirements. These factors are especially critical in an industry that, according to an IBM study, had the highest costs associated with data breaches. This study revealed that “the average cost of a breach in the healthcare industry was nearly $6.5 million - over 60% higher than the cross-industry average.”

Raúl Castanon-Martinez, Senior Analyst for Workforce Collaboration at 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence division noted that “secure and compliant real-time communications can help healthcare organizations streamline their response to different events, leading to improvements in patient care; and the use of speech-enabled applications and devices can empower frontline workers with 'heads-up, hands-free' capabilities. These enhancements can be relevant for their day-to-day work and can significantly improve patient care and business efficiencies in healthcare organizations.”

The rapid digitization of workplace communication is transforming healthcare delivery. Advances in mobile messaging technology are helping healthcare providers streamline communication, boost efficiency and improve patient care while being HIPPA compliant. Innovations like NetSfere’s secure, compliant mobile messaging platform with integrated medical speech recognition technology are helping transform the delivery of healthcare by providing the real-time, personalized clinical communication and documentation experience across solutions, platforms, and devices.

As the pandemic continues to escalate so do the demands on doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Now more than ever this industry needs a collaboration solution that allows them to securely connect and quickly share data. NetSfere’s HIPPA compliant mobile messaging platform with integrated medical speech recognition technology efficiently and securely gives clinicians and staff the right data at the right time, allowing them to spend more time with patients and less time documenting patient records.

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