Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

Secure Group Communication for Enterprise Employees

When supported by the right technology, secure group communication can deliver operational and organizational advantages to your business. Like consumer-grade applications, secure messaging technology enables quick, convenient information exchange. But everyday apps aren’t fit for enterprise use.

While basic applications are fine for consumer use, these platforms can introduce major security threats and vulnerabilities to your enterprise. What you need is messaging technology that improves productivity across your organization, without sacrificing data security and integrity.

4 Things You Need to Ensure Secure Group Communication

In today’s business environment, secure internal communication is trickier than ever. This is especially true when most companies implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies for employees. It’s difficult to monitor every device, increasing the likelihood that employees are using low-grade security applications.

The solution? Implementing an enterprise-level instant messaging application that ensures secure group communication through a series of must-have features:

  • Remote Wipe Capabilities – Managing hundreds of employee accounts can be challenging. The secure text messaging software you choose for your organization should allow IT personnel to remotely wipe sensitive data from devices, as well as invalidate expired accounts.
  • High-Level Encryption – Data security should never be taken lightly. Unlike everyday messaging applications, technology fit for enterprise use will deploy at least 256-bit, end-to-end encryption. For added security, look for a solution that uses elliptical key exchange during transmission. This scrambles messages until they are safely delivered to the recipient’s device.
  • Cloud-Based Storage – Storing data and messages on devices is risky. If employees’ devices are lost or stolen, the information contained within that device is far more susceptible to unauthorized viewing and theft. Secure texting technology with cloud-based storage eliminates security risks by centralizing data and message management.
  • Data Retention No matter your field of practice – healthcare, finance, hospitality, etc. – you have federal and corporate mandates to adhere to regarding data retention. Consumer-grade platforms don’t do much to ensure you stay on the right side of these regulations. Robust enterprise-level technology helps you follow data retention policies, meaning you avoid high non-compliance fines.

Secure Group Communication Made Simple With NetSfere

At NetSfere, we know secure group communication. We specialize in equipping enterprises with top-tier instant messaging technology. With industry-leading algorithms for secure, device-to-device communication, our cloud-based messaging platforms deliver the benefits of a consumer-grade platform without the risk.

Improved control, reliable message delivery and robust security is at your fingertips. To learn more about how NetSfere’s technology improves secure group communication practices, contact us today.