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Secure Instant Messages for Enterprises: What You Should Know

Looking for a way to enhance internal communications and employee productivity, without compromising security? You're not alone. Every day, key decision makers at industry-leading companies are taking steps to implement secure instant messages for enterprises.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in today's workforce. Secure instant messaging platforms enable enterprises to take advantage of the popularity of mobile and deploy a system that allows their workforce to use personal mobile devices -- in addition to desktops -- for employee-to-employee communication. The result is secure transmissions that permit team members to share valuable information in real-time.

Features to Look for in Secure Instant Messages for Enterprises

If you're considering an instant messaging solution for your enterprise, it's important to remember that not all platforms are the same. Consumer-grade messaging platforms don't provide the capabilities -- or security -- that your organization needs for effective communications.

If you select the wrong solution, you risk:

  • Exposure of sensitive company and customer information
  • Technology that is non-compatible with employee devices
  • Data theft from cybercriminals who might sell or publish that data
  • Negative publicity and brand image
  • Collapsed relationships with clients, investment partners and vendors.

It's important to find a system that enables secure instant messages for enterprises and streamlines current corporate processes. When researching the right secure messaging platform for your enterprise, consider a solution that facilitates:

  • Secure File Sharing: Employees should be able to send and receive files that include documents, photos and multimedia. What's more, these files should be encrypted between devices -- whether the devices are Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or corporate owned.
  • Easy Integration for any Platform: Allowing employees to use their own devices is more convenient for them and more cost-effective for you. To ensure easy integration for employees, the secure messaging technology you select should be multi-device enabled and compatible with iOS, Android and Web-based software.
  • Secure, Cloud-based Storage: Secure instant messages for enterprises should be easy for IT departments and system administrators to manage and access. A robust secure messaging platform offers centralized data storage on a cloud-based platform. This eases the process of complying by data retention policies, as well as the need to access employee messaging history.
  • In-Depth Performance Tracking: It's important to receive the highest Return on Investment on your secure messaging system. Select a platform that allows you to monitor and track key performance metrics, including the number of active accounts, session in progress and the average volume of messages sent between employees.

NetSfere: Your Provider for Secure Instant Messages for Enterprises

As an industry-leader in secure enterprise messaging, NetSfere delivers strong instant messaging solutions to companies across a diverse range of industries. Whether you're in healthcare, banking or retail, NetSfere's instant messaging solutions help you achieve streamlined internal communications and enhanced employee collaboration, without giving up data security requirements.

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