Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

Secure Messaging Technology for the Enterprise

Secure messaging technology is a must for rapidly growing enterprises. We explain how a robust enterprise messaging solution can benefit your business.

How Secure Messaging Technology Helps Your Organization

Secure messaging enables your organization to confidently rely on device-to-device communication for employee collaboration, while simultaneously providing total management control to your IT department. Relevant across a range of industries, from hospitality to finance, key benefits of secure messaging technology include:

  • Unparalleled Data and Messaging Security -- With messaging that is delivered on a highly secure platform, you can carry out your business operations knowing that team members are able to communicate and work together securely.
  • Complete Management Control -- All employee data sharing and accounts can be managed from a central location. This makes it simpler to remotely monitor messaging activity and invalidate expired accounts. In addition, real-time statistics track performance data such as number of accounts, currently active sessions and messages that have been sent
  • Secure Cloud-Based Storage -- Since messages and file attachments are stored in the cloud, there is no hassle when switching to a new device--it's as simple as downloading the app and entering your password. Cloud-based storage also mitigates the need to delete old messages from your device. Automatic message management stores only the latest communications locally. And you'll be able to easily comply with data retention policies through a central storage management system.
  • Robust Delivery -- Team members can reliably communicate and collaborate through secure messaging technology and share various types of multimedia attachments. They can also continue conversations when moving from one Web-accessible device to another without losing message threads. In addition, users can reply to urgent messages via SMS texting when a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is not available.

NetSfere: The Market Leader Secure Messaging Technology

At NetSfere, we are committed to delivering the most secure messaging technology on the market. If you need highly secure, device-to-device encryption, our cloud-based messaging platform can provide a significant boost to employee productivity and facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration without compromising your organization's commitment to security.

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