Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

The Benefits of an Enterprise Messaging System

Some employers are initially hesitant about deploying an enterprise messaging system. Letting employees use mobile devices to communicate with one another seems like it would be counterproductive, potentially slowing down workforce productivity and putting company information at risk for exposure

If you're not sure whether enterprise messaging is the right move, consider this: your employees are already using messaging technology -- they're just using consumer-grade apps that jeopardize the security of your data and systems.

With the right enterprise messaging technology, you gain:

  • Enhanced Message Security: Enterprise messaging leverages device-to-device encryption
  • Improved Employee Processes; Employees can collaborate and share files quickly, regardless of location.
  • Streamlined Account Controls; Advanced enterprise messaging solutions feature a central data repository, improving your ability to manage and control access to accounts.

Top-tier enterprise messaging systems are secure and reliable forms of real-time communication that meet an urgent need for improved collaboration in enterprise organizations.

No Matter the Industry, You Can Benefit From an Enterprise Messaging System

A best-in-class enterprise messaging system can benefit organizations across a wide range of industries:

  • Healthcare Organizations: Enterprise messaging that is HIPAA-compliant protects Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). Even more, improved communication leads to more patients being seen and treated -- and simplifies the file sharing of x-rays, prescription information and more.
  • Legal & Advisory Firms: Law and advisory firms deal with client communications on a day-to-day basis. With secure enterprise messaging, lawyers and advisors can use secure transmissions to talk with clients on important private matters like hearing dates, bill payments and settlement agreements.
  • Financial & Banking Institutions: Communications within the financial sector are heavily regulated. A secure enterprise messaging system allows employees to adhere to regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, while optimizing the communications process. Bank personnel can share sensitive files within their organization without worrying about confidential data falling into the wrong hands.
  • Insurance & Risk Management Agencies: Agents and staff in any city or state can use BYOD mobile devices to securely communicate with team members in another office. For insurance organizations, secure enterprise messaging is especially useful for maintaining clear channels of communications with field agents and other remote staff.
  • Travel & Hospitality Companies: Travel and hospitality industry personnel often need to reach each other quickly regarding guests. Secure enterprise messaging allows staff to coordinate effectively during peak check-in times and events, ensuring they are able to provide customers with the best possible service.

Get the Most Out of a Secure Enterprise Messaging System with NetSfere

NetSfere provides industry-leading enterprise messaging systems for companies around the world. We know that effective collaboration and communication can make your company more agile and competitive. That's why we're dedicated to bring you robust, reliable messaging technology to take your internal communications to the next level.

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