Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

The Growing Need for Enterprise Mobile Apps

In various industries, there is an increased need for enterprise mobile apps to foster safe, internal communications. Many employees currently use consumer-grade messaging platforms. But what they don’t realize is that these platforms significantly increase the risk of compromising sensitive company and customer information.

For enterprises that value collaboration or rely on file and information sharing, an enterprise messaging solutions is must-have technology.

Why Businesses Need Enterprise Mobile Apps

Ask any one of your employees if they use some form of messaging app for day-to-day communications and you’ll likely get a resounding “yes.” Instant messaging is a ubiquitous social tool that nearly everyone has access to on their personal mobile devices.

Instant messaging has valuable applications in a corporate environment. But here are a few reasons why businesses should leverage enterprise mobile apps for internal communications:

  • Secure File and Data Transfers – Every sector, from financial to healthcare, has highly sensitive information that needs to be protected at all times. Consumer-grade applications don’t include the extensive security measures that are featured in enterprise messaging apps. Messaging technology built for use in corporate environments leverage complex encryption keys that keep messages completely secure during transmission.
  • Employee Collaboration – It’s not uncommon for large companies to have satellite offices located around the globe. If employees need to reach each other, they typically rely on email, which isn’t necessarily the safest or most reliable form of communication. Emails can pile up or disappear into various folders, causing important or time-sensitive documents to be ignored. Enterprise messaging allows employees to connect with each other quickly and efficiently. Additionally, most enterprise mobile apps have delivery and read receipts, so employees always know when a message has been delivered to and read by the recipient.
  • Data Retention Compliance – Data retention compliance requirements vary by industry. But the failure to comply with data retention mandates inevitably results in non-compliance fees and federal sanctions. While consumer-grade messaging applications don’t do much to ensure your company stays within regulation guidelines, a robust enterprise messaging platform simplifies compliance with HIPAA, FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other mandates.

Enterprise Mobile Apps Built For Your Company

NetSfere is at the forefront of developing robust, top-tier enterprise mobile apps that enable safe communication and collaboration for employees across various sectors. Our messaging platform combines high-level encryption, compliant storage capabilities and more to give you the ultimate enterprise communication tool.

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