Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

The Rundown on Enterprise Messaging Solutions

Ever wonder why your organization needs enterprise messaging solutions for secure communications? Consumer grade messaging platforms just won’t cut it when it comes to secure file sharing and company collaboration. What you need is a robust, reliable platform that uses top-tier encryption technology to ensure maximum levels of data security.

Selecting Enterprise Messaging Solutions for Your Organization

The way we live, communicate and work has become increasingly mobile. Nearly everyone has access to a mobile device with messaging capabilities, which is why it makes sense for enterprises and corporations to embrace mobile messaging solutions.

Your employees likely use a consumer-grade messaging technology on their personal devices. These applications are sufficient for everyday communications, but they shouldn’t be used to share internal company files and information. Why? Because consumer-grade messaging applications lack robust security features, greatly increasing the risk of data theft or unauthorized third-party access.

Enterprise messaging solutions don’t need to be complex, expensive systems. Instead, the messaging platform you select for your business should build on the simple, user-friendly characteristics of everyday applications with added features for security and reliability.

The procurement process is your opportunity to evaluate specific enterprise messaging solutions to determine which technology is the right fit for your organization. Here are key features to look for:

  • Device-to-Device Encryption – When sharing company files and sensitive client information, you can never be too careful. A secure message solution for the enterprise uses high levels of device encryption and an elliptical key exchange to keep correspondence secure as it travels between employees and servers. Encryption levels and security measures vary among platform providers, but a solution with at least 256-bit encryption is recommended.
  • Strong Administrative Controls – IT administrators or account managers should have centralized control over employee accounts. Robust administrative controls allow your IT The-Rundown-on-Enterprise-Messaging-Solutionspartment to oversee and manage information that is exchanged via the messaging platform, and give managers the ability to call up and wipe data from the server. Administrative capabilities make it much easier for you to see how employees are using messaging solutions.
  • Bring Your Own Device Capabilities – It’s surprising how many enterprise messaging solutions only work with one operating system or on corporate-owned devices. To avoid selecting a platform that only a handful of employees can use, make sure messaging technology is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enabled and can be used with both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Reliable Message Delivery – If employees need to send time-sensitive documents to clients or coworkers, they can’t deal with spotty cell service and subpar message delivery. Robust messaging solutions leverage secure SMS text capabilities if users are out of Wi-Fi or cellular data range.

Enterprise Messaging Solutions You Can Rely On

NetSfere offers a reliable messaging platform that is secure, scalable and reliable. Our enterprise messaging solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization’s workflow and communication requirements. With NetSfere’s Professional and Enterprise messaging platforms, enhanced communication and collaboration is at your fingertips.

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