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No Comparison: NetSfere is the Best Choice for Secure Enterprise Mobile Messaging and Collaboration

As remote and hybrid work environments become operational norms for organizations across the globe, there is a sense of urgency for enterprises to enable agile team collaboration without sacrificing security, privacy and compliance.

Although businesses have a lot of choices when it comes to enterprise messaging and collaboration apps, there is only one choice for secure, compliant mobile messaging and collaboration – NetSfere.

A recent report by 451 Research advised enterprises evaluating their use of messaging and collaboration technologies to start by comparing key market requirements for secure enterprise messaging and collaboration. Here we give you a look at how NetSfere stacks up against OTT consumer apps in meeting these requirements:

Evaluation Criteria OTT Consumer Apps NetSfere Difference
Data Sharing WhatsApp data collection includes device ID, phone number, purchase history, location and contacts.

Facebook Messenger data collection purchases, financial information, location, contact information, contacts, user content, identifiers, usage data and diagnostics.
NetSfere has a strict no data collection ever approach
Encryption Signal and WhatsApp – E2EE NetSfere provides industry leading E2EE across every device
Compliance Not applicable NetSfere guarantees full compliance with industry regulations
Administrative Controls Not applicable NetSfere features robust administrative controls that enable centralized account management, file sharing and policy compliance, remote wipe, real-time reporting and other capabilities
Agile Collaboration Not applicable NetSfere provides a continuous, seamless collaboration experience with HD audio, video, screen sharing, guest access and integrations via securely managed APIs.
Mobility WhatsApp mobile first/mobile only NetSfere is a mobile-first, multi-platform

NetSfere was built for how enterprises work rather than consumers. The chart above highlights the significant NetSfere difference in the areas of security, control, compliance and agility. NetSfere works to help drive efficiency and productivity at every level, delivering business performance in the digital work environment.

The reality is that flexibility in the workplace without the right technology can lead to a fragmented collaboration landscape, resulting in limited productivity gains. Furthermore, such a situation lends itself to less than adequate security practices, which can place not only the sensitive data at risk buy also expose the organization to global regulatory and privacy risks. Whether they realize it or not, many organizations are playing with fire because they aren’t taking a comprehensive approach with their business communications and collaboration technology strategy.

Investing in the right platform that keeps employees securely connected, engaged and collaborative at scale can future proof business communication and performance. Hands down the right platform for your enterprise is NetSfere – there really is no comparison.

Contact us today to learn more about how NetSfere can help your organization thrive in the new operating realities of remote and hybrid work environments in 2021 and beyond.