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The Power of Partnering: What NetSfere’s Partnership with HP Means for Healthcare Organizations

NetSfere is now an authorized HP Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program Partner, a development that will accelerate digitization of healthcare communication and increase value for global customers.

There is a critical need for secure, compliant, efficient communication in the healthcare industry. Outdated communication and messaging systems continue to create some major challenges in healthcare organizations. Unfortunately, these systems are not up to the task of securely supporting distributed care teams and, as a result, increase the use of risky consumer-grade messaging apps. That practice leads to a second, and even more alarming issue, an increased risk of cyberthreats which can jeopardize the financial health and reputation of healthcare entities.

Working in partnership with HP, NetSfere can now deliver the necessary secure and compliant collaboration solutions to HP Healthcare’s portfolio of clients as they digitize to streamline patient care and workflows, and curb the use of risky, non-compliant consumer-grade messaging apps.

NetSfere Enterprise offers a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform that allows staff to safely communicate over all preferred channels - text, video, and voice - in real-time via a user-friendly web interface or mobile messaging app.

For emergency communication alerts, NetSfere Lifeline allows personnel to send high priority, critical messaging to targeted teams or an entire organization. Messages can include text, images, or locations, ensuring that all essential information is quickly shared in critical situations.

NetSfere’s industry-leading secure messaging platform brings to HP healthcare customers the most comprehensive, compliant all-in-one communication solution on the market. Created with end-to-end encryption and full IT control, the platform is compliant with global regulations and provides medical professionals with a private, highly secure and reliable, centrally managed and controlled, cloud-based messaging service.

As an authorized HP ISV Program Partner, NetSfere will deliver immediate value and return on investment, helping HP’s global healthcare customer base drive innovation, accelerate digital transformation and power secure, compliant modern communications.

Contact us today to learn more about how NetSfere complements and extends HP Healthcare solutions designed to help ensure safety, boost efficiency, and protect against security risks.