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What You Need to Know About Secure Messaging for Law Firms

The pace of activity in today's legal industry is unrelenting. That's why you need secure messaging for law firms -- proven communication technology that enables legal and advisory firms to enjoy safe and seamless interactions with both clients and associates.

Although many firms use consumer messaging apps for communication, the risks of consumer-grade solutions far outweigh the benefits. To protect the security and privacy of information, it takes an enterprise messaging platform that is cost-affordable and scalable to your firm's unique messaging requirements.

Essential Characteristics of Secure Messaging for Law Firms

Sensitive data and privileged information make enterprise messaging technology a no-brainer for legal and advisory firms. But not all enterprise messaging technology providers offer the same level of secure messaging for law firms.

To improve collaboration, workflow efficiency and information security, it's important to focus on enterprise messaging platforms that deliver a handful of essential features and capabilities, including:

  • Control - Messaging technology that is designed for the rigors of today's legal environment gives executives more control than risky, consumer-grade apps that lack the features it takes to properly handle sensitive files and private client information.
  • Secure Encryption and Document Sharing - Look for messaging technology providers that offer device-to-device encryption and secure document sharing so that messages and attachments are protected from unauthorized viewing.
  • Centralized Storage - On-device storage presents a serious threat to legal advisory firms. Instead, narrow your search to platforms that include secure, cloud-based storage for a more centralized approach.
  • Flexibility - Complex and unwieldy messaging solutions create more problems than they solve. In addition to delivering secure messaging for law firms and clients, the best platforms are easy-to-use and can be customized to cost-effectively accommodate your organization's unique messaging requirements.
  • Message Visibility - Your enterprise messaging solution should allow you to receive notifications when messages are delivered or read so you can stay up-to-date on the status of shared information and avoid operating in the dark.

Netsfere: Legal and Advisory Messaging with a Difference

Netsfere is the first choice in secure messaging for law firms. Why? Because we offer the mix of security and productivity features that legal and advisory firms need to safely interact with internal team members, clients and external stakeholders.

In addition to providing some of the industry's most advanced security features, the Netsfere platform gives executives total control over account management, file sharing, policy compliance and more. Administrators can track key metrics and performance indicators in real time to ensure the proper use of the technology.

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