Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

What You Should Look for from Secure Messaging Software

If your organization is seeking a faster way for employees to communicate, then secure messaging software is a practical, effective solution that delivers countless positive results. Secure IM is a step above consumer-grade applications, allowing organizations to leverage simple technology that has been enhanced and made safe for corporate environments.

What You Need From Secure Messaging Software

Looking for secure IM technology for your organization can become a time-consuming, overwhelming task if you don't know what you're looking for -- or where to start. To narrow down the search and ensure that your organization is being outfitted with the best technology, it's important to clarify what you need from secure IM software:

  • Robust Security: One of the things that separates instant messaging for businesses from everyday consumer technology is that enterprise messaging deploys high levels of security to protect transmitted information. Look for technology that has industry-standard 256-bit level of encryption so you'll know that files and data are being shared safely, minimizing the risk for unauthorized third-party viewing, data loss or theft.
  • Quick Set-Up: Organizations shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get their secure messaging software to work properly. The right technology prompts new users to enter an identification name and password -- and that's it. From that point forward, employees should have no trouble using the messaging software to communicate with one another. Need a system upgrade? A robust platform automatically pushes upgrades to employees, so they don't have to worry about tracking down a system administrator to input the necessary information.
  • Complete Account Management: Managers and IT administrators should be able to configure messaging accounts exactly as they see fit and manage them accordingly. Look for a secure messaging software platform that enables management from a centralized system. Even more, system administrators should be able to wipe sensitive data, invalidate accounts no longer in use and control the life-span of messages on employee devices -- all without ever having to access physically access mobile devices.
  • Message Reliability : When communicating on day-to-day projects, or important client information, message reliability is crucial. Unfortunately, emails have the tendency to get lost in the fray or don't support certain types of attachments. So the messaging solution you select needs to be reliable, and able to support different multimedia files. Did an employee switch devices? The messaging solution should call-up an employee's message history as soon as they log-in with their user name and password on their new mobile device. And if users are out of cellular or Wi-Fi range, messages should still reach intended recipients as a secure SMS.

Secure Messaging Software Made Simple with NetSfere

NetSfere knows that optimized, safe communication is never underrated. That's why we've worked to develop secure messaging technology that equips organizations with a reliable and safe platform to communicate information both internally with team members, and externally with clients and partners. Our user-friendly interface encourages employee collaboration and enhances everyday communication.

To learn more about NetSfere's secure messaging software and the industries we serve, contact us today.