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Why Business SMS Solutions are the Key to Secure Internal Communication

While SMS text messages play a major role in how people communicate in their personal lives, business SMS solutions are starting to play a larger role in the way employees communicate within the enterprise. Corporations are relying on SMS technology as a safe and reliable method of internal collaboration and communication.

Your business should begin taking steps to roll out SMS solutions for their employees – especially if you’re looking for an uptick in productivity and efficiency.

Here’s why Business SMS Solutions are Ideal for Secure Company Communication

It’s a common misconception that business SMS solutions are similar to consumer-grade SMS solutions. This is true if you consider how user-friendly they are. But in terms of security, reliability and efficiency, SMS technology for businesses uses enhanced features to make it more appropriate for use in the enterprise.

Here are a few reasons why business SMS solutions are optimal for companies:

  • Business SMS leverages high levels of message encryption. Security is vital for businesses, which is why SMS technology for companies is typically equipped with at least 256-bit encryption technology. Some platforms will also use a system known as elliptical key exchange, which secures your messages with a unique encryption code until it is received by the intended recipient.
  • SMS messages are delivered in a quick and reliable fashion. If you need a signature on a document immediately or data is time-sensitive, you want to know that your messaging platform is reliable. When selecting an SMS solution for your business, look for one that can guarantee the delivery of secure SMS messages without glitches or network problems. And once employees know they can count on the platform for message delivery, they will consistently choose it over their consumer messaging apps in the workplace.
  • It’s easier than ever to manage employee accounts. To ensure an SMS solution is being used appropriately, you should have complete access and insight into employee accounts at all times. SMS solutions make it simple for you to oversee employee activity, and access data and information at any time.
  • Centralized storage makes it easy to comply with federal data retention policies. Whether you operate in the financial or healthcare sector, you have a strict set of compliance and data retention policies to comply with. Business SMS solutions leverage centralized, cloud-based storage to simplify compliance. Automatic message management deletes and archives old messages, and stores newer messages locally. This means you don’t have to go in and actively manage messages – the system takes care of it for you.

Business SMS Solutions from NetSfere

At NetSfere, we understand the unique challenges businesses face when it comes to secure internal communication. But we have also designed an easy-to-use platform that allows companies to leverage SMS technology in the enterprise. Through a careful formula of security, storage, management and reliability, we’ve developed industry-leading business SMS solutions you can count on.

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