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Why Law Firms Need to Encrypt Text Messages

The security of confidential, sensitive client information has prohibited legal and advisory firms from taking advantage of commonplace internal messaging solutions. However, a platform that implements measures to encrypt text messages presents a viable way for law firms to finally leverage a simpler, more convenient channel of communication.

Why Law Firms Need a Solution That Will Encrypt Text Messages

Lawyers and advisors deal with an incredibly high volume of sensitive client and firm information on a day-to-day basis. And they generally need to share this information internally and with advisees. Unfortunately, consumer-grade messaging solutions don't touch on the important issues that law firms are concerned about when it comes to data transmissions.

But a platform that can encrypt text messages can improve:

  • Lawyer-to-Client Communications -- Lawyers need to be in constant contact with their clients--important deadlines, fee payments and more.
  • Document and File Sharing -- Law and advisory firms often send their clients documents that contain personal and confidential information. They need to make sure it's secured during transmission and cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties
  • Message Delivery -- Lawyers and advisors may need to reach their clients on matters that require immediate action. It's important that they are able to guarantee that messages sent to clients have been successfully delivered and read.

More than ever, law firms need a solution that will encrypt text messages and provide secure, reliable communications.

The Benefits of a Platform That Can Encrypt Text Messages

A secure text messaging app equips legal and advisory firms with a protected messaging platform that improves both internal and external communication. When sensitive data remains private, team members can openly communicate without fear of compromising sensitive information.

In addition to safe communication, additional benefits of an encrypted messaging solution include:

  • Streamlined Client Communication -- A secure messaging platform should enable lawyers to allow temporary guest access for their clients. This allows them to eliminate the risks associated with communicating on a consumer-grade, non-secured channel.
  • Secure Document Sharing -- Encrypted messages allow you to safely share documents, both by sending the file and attaching it in a message. The ease of document sharing can lead to an increase in collaboration within the firm, as well as secure file sharing with clients when they're not physically in the office.
  • Message Delivery Notification and Read Receipts -- Lawyers and advisors never have to wonder if a client has received and read their emails ever again. A secure messaging platform provides message delivery notifications and read receipts, ensuring clients and members within the law firm are staying current and up-to-date on the latest proceedings.

Encrypt Text Messages with NetSfere

NetSfere equips legal and advisory firms with robust, secure and reliable messaging platforms that improve communication for legal and advisory firms. Using secure transmission and device-to-device encryption technology, our solutions ensure that sensitive data is never compromised--allowing for the sharing of ideas in a safe environment.

To learn more about how NetSfere can encrypt text messages, contact us today.