Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

Why Secure Business File Sharing is Essential for Enterprises

Enterprises rely on business file sharing to increase collaboration among team members and to communicate important information to clients. But if files are being transmitted via basic office communication methods like email, employees could be risking data security and sensitive client information.

Haphazardly sharing files across companies increases the risk of:

  • Third-party data theft
  • High recovery costs
  • Negative brand publicity
  • Loss of customer and partner trust

Secure file sharing isn’t simply a suggestion for enterprises anymore, it’s a necessity.

3 Reasons Companies Should Promote Secure Business File Sharing

The ability for employees to safely share files can result in several organizational advantages. A few additional reasons that companies should promote secure business file sharing include:

  • Increased Productivity – Employees have to be able to share information with coworkers in the most efficient manner possible. A secure channel lets them transmit data freely, without interruption or security concerns. The faster they’re able to share files, the faster they’re able to complete work and move on to the next task.
  • Less Risk for Non-Compliance – Federal compliance regulations for file and data sharing are strict and the fines for non-compliance are steep (for enterprises, think millions of dollars). The secure exchange of information among employees guarantees that they won’t fall out of compliance and risk financial penalties or other sanctions.
  • Stress-Free Sharing – Business file sharing won’t happen if employees are concerned about the security of the information they are transmitting to one another or with clients. Office staff need assurances that the data they are sharing won’t fall into the wrong hands. When employees have confidence in the security of their file-sharing technology, they’re more likely to use file sharing as a way to collaborate and streamline processes,

Technology for secure file sharing doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. All it takes is a messaging platform that deploys high levels of encryption to protect company and client information.

That’s where NetSfere enters the picture.

An industry leader in secure mobile messaging technology for enterprises across multiple verticals, NetSfere delivers a highly reliable, secure solution for employees that share files both internally with coworkers and externally with clients. Our platform leverages a 256-bit encryption key and elliptical key exchange to ensure that sensitive data is never at risk.

With NetSfere, secure business file sharing has never been easier. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to get started.