Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

Why You Should Try Text Messaging for Business

Secure text messaging for business is a useful tool for organizations that want to enhance internal communications, without compromising data security. Nearly every employee has a mobile device with texting capabilities. But consumer grade applications don't deploy the same levels of protection as a secure enterprise messaging solution.

For businesses that want the convenience of text messaging without the worry of data theft or loss, secure texting is a practical solution.

3 Reasons to Try Secure Text Messaging for Business

Secure text messaging for enterprises allows information and files to be shared internally between employees, streamlining the communications process. But the notion of introducing texting into the workplace might worry some employers. After all, it's typically a distraction for employees and decreases workforce productivity.

But unlike consumer grade messaging, secure text messaging for business solutions hand over control to management, ensuring more productive use of the technology. Still on the fence? Here are a few more reasons organizations need secure text messaging technology.

  • It's Secure: A corporate text messaging solution will deliver messages with complete encryption as they are transmitted between devices. An industry-standard 256-bit encryption keeps sensitive information -- including attachments and multimedia files -- protected.
  • It's Easy to Adopt: Don't have the resources to outfit your entire organization with mobile devices? No problem. One of the benefits of corporate text messaging is that most solutions are Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, enabled. That makes it simple for companies to introduce corporate texting to their workforces. Employees don't have to swap between personal and corporate devices, easing platform adoption.
  • It's Simple to Control: Corporations might hesitate to use text messaging in the workplace based on concerns that they won't be able to manage it effectively. But with a secure text messaging for business platform, managers retain complete control over employee accounts. Look for a messaging solution that grants managers and IT administrators the ability to remotely wipe data and remove accounts no longer in use, and facilitates compliance corporate data retention regulations.

Text messaging is a reliable, ubiquitous method of communication. So shouldn't businesses leverage the existing technology in a way that can streamline internal communications practices?

Adopting Text Messaging for Business: How NetSfere can Help

NetSfere's robust text messaging platform provides businesses with the tools they need to safely collaborate in the workplace, while using the speed and efficiency of texting technology. Our cloud-based messaging platform has been used by organizations of all sizes in the healthcare, banking, legal and other sectors.

Ready to learn how secure text messaging for business can help your communication practices from going stagnant? Contact us today.