Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

Why Your Employees Require Secure Collaboration with Team Members

Today's employees don't just want to enjoy full collaboration with team members, they want to do so securely -- and for a number of reasons. Security in communication means greater job security, less stress and a feeling of control.

The Performance-Enhancing Benefits of Secure Collaboration with Team Members

When employees are able to focus on their responsibilities -- and not worry about the security of their communications -- they enjoy an increase in performance for a number of reasons:

  • Peace of Mind: When your employees are worrying about the possibility of the information they're sharing getting into the wrong hands, it inhibits their work. They need to know that their messages are encrypted at the 256-bit industry standard so that they can share knowledge instantly, seamlessly and without worry.
  • Productivity: A secure messaging platform should allow for uninterrupted message flow, even when employees switch devices. Having the freedom to switch from a computer to a tablet to a smartphone is a boon for employee productivity.
  • Automation: Employees today insist on automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks whenever possible. When they can set their messaging system to automatically erase messaging data after a certain time, they can spend more time focusing on collaboration with team members and less time cleaning out their stale messages.
  • Compliance: Rather than risk falling out of compliance, employees want every advantage on their side to ensure that they aren't running afoul of the rules. Whether they're internal rules or industry regulations, secure communication is a crucial component of any risk management strategy.
  • Full Control: Secure communication channels put your employees in the driver's seat. Employees can control how and when they collaborate with specific team members -- and their sense of empowerment will show through in the quality of their work.

Optimize Employees' Collaboration with Team Members with NetSfere

NetSfere is a secure, cloud-based messaging service for enterprises that want to support their employees with the latest and greatest communication technology. With features that support the demands of the modern professional, we also adhere to industry-standard messaging encryption.

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