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Infinite Convergence Solutions’ New Patent Enables Users to Invite Guests from a Different Messaging Service into a Chat Session

CHICAGO – September 7, 2016Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc., a next-generation messaging and mobility solutions provider, has been awarded a patent that expands the capabilities of messaging service group chat sessions by inviting a user from an external chat service to another group chat session.

Issued by the U.S. patent office, patent No. 9,391,788 allows those using OTT applications, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, to join an operator-based Rich Communication Suite (RCS) once invited by a user. As an example, a mobile client on a wireless carrier could use this method to invite users on an OTT application to join an RCS chat session that was previously established in the wireless carrier’s network. OTT users can then join the RCS chat systems using any device that allows for a standard web browser, which lets users communicate on virtually all tablets, smart phones and computers.

“There are a growing number of mobile messaging apps and services that only allow communication on their own platform, which creates walled gardens and prohibits the natural flow of communication,” said Anurag Lal, CEO and President of Infinite Convergence Solutions. “Communication should be seamless and secure, no matter what service a user chooses. This patent enables that by not requiring users to download multiple apps to communicate with friends, family members or colleagues.”

To invite a user, a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is transmitted over a messaging connection and, in the preferred embodiment, is also accompanied by a test message invitation originating from a user in the first chat system. The URI then uses an asynchronous HTTP that allows users to participate in the chat conversation within the local chat system’s group session associated with that URL. 

Infinite Convergence plans to use the patent as a potential feature within its Rich Communication Suite and NetSfere, the company’s secure, cloud-based enterprise messaging service. Boasting end-to-end encryption, NetSfere is ideal for enterprise use, as it enables employees to tap into the power of mobile messaging to improve productivity and communication. NetSfere is both SOX and HIPAA compliant, ensuring that all standards are met to allow the safe transfer of sensitive information across the platform.

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About Infinite Convergence:

Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc. provides next-generation messaging and mobility solutions to carriers and enterprises globally, including an Enterprise Messaging Services suite, secure messaging through its standalone app NetSfere and SMS, MMS and RCS solutions. The company's technology supports more than 500 million subscribers by sending nearly one trillion messages per year. Infinite Convergence Solutions is a subsidiary of Infinite Computer Solutions with offices in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, India and Singapore.

About NetSfere

NetSfere is an internal enterprise messaging service from Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc. NetSfere provides industry-leading security and message delivery capabilities, including global cloud-based service availability, device-to-device encryption, location-based features and administrative controls. NetSfere leverages Infinite Convergence's experience in delivering mobility solutions to tier 1 mobile operators and is also compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protocols. For more information, visit

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