Why Secure Communication Platforms Should Be A CIO's #1 Priority

Business value is defined as all forms of value that determine the health and well-being of an enterprise in the long run. In today’s digital era IT is arguably the largest driver of business value. That’s why CIOs must be laser focused on optimizing IT to deliver business value.

One of the key drivers of business performance and value is a secure enterprise mobile messaging platform. When CIOs don’t prioritize adoption of these solutions, business risks in the form of cyber threats, data breaches, regulatory fines, litigation and reputational damage skyrocket.

Consider the fines recently levied by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on financial firms for the use of unapproved communication apps. This year, the SEC fined 11 Wall Street Firms $289 million for the pervasive and longstanding use of “off-channel” communications and the CFTC ordered four financial institutions to pay a total of $260 million for widespread use of unapproved communication methods. Last year, the SEC and the CFTC fined 16 financial firms a collective $1.8 billion for the misuse of messaging apps. These fines for using unsecure communications channels now exceed a jaw dropping $2.5 billion.

Compliance with industry regulations as well as evolving data privacy and security laws is reason enough to ensure enterprise communication and collaboration is secure but there are other compelling reasons why CIOs should make secure, end-to-end encrypted mobile messaging technology like NetSfere a number one priority.

Here is a rundown of some of the other business critical reasons why CIOs should prioritize the selection and implementation of NetSfere to deliver business value by securely supporting hybrid work, enhancing the employee experience and reducing IT complexity.

Support hybrid work

With 74% of US companies planning to or having already implemented hybrid work policies, CIOs need to prioritize secure communication and collaboration technologies to effectively support employees in the work from anywhere environment.

All-in-one secure mobile messaging solutions like NetSfere streamline workflows, improve communication and facilitate seamless collaboration across distributed teams, enabling digital communication and collaboration without compromising data security or privacy.

By providing the right communication and collaboration platform, CIOs can securely support hybrid work, optimizing productivity and efficiency and creating an environment of teamwork, idea-sharing and innovation.

Enhance employee experience

Technology plays a key role in enhancing employee experience and is critical to employee retention and attraction strategies. In the wake of the Great Resignation, prioritizing solutions that maximize employee satisfaction is a major priority for CIOs.

Tools that create a frictionless hybrid work environment are a critical part of enhancing the digital employee experience (DEX). NetSfere’s integrated platform provides scalable, reliable communication channels – text, voice and video – that make it easy for employees to connect over their preferred channels.

With NetSfere, CIOs can improve the overall employee experience while at the same time ensuring that messages are fully encrypted at rest and in transit and retaining full IT control of the mobile messaging environment.

Reduce IT complexity

App sprawl and shadow IT fuel complexity in enterprise IT infrastructure which in turn increases cyber threats. CIOs are concerned about the growing number of applications in their tech stacks and the lack of visibility into the use of unapproved software by employees. According to PWC, one-third of tech leaders indicated that the increase in shadow IT is one of their bigger challenges.

Shadow IT and app sprawl are particularly problematic when it comes to communication and collaboration solutions. The use of a variety of applications for mobile messaging not only opens the door to cyber threats but inhibits employee productivity, negatively impacts job satisfaction and acts as a barrier to collaboration. Yet, a majority of organizations (72%) support between three and nine collaboration tools according to a 2021 survey by NetScout.

CIOs don’t need multiple communication and collaboration solutions when NetSfere’s all-in-one platform enables business communication across multiple channels. Using one secure platform like NetSfere, cuts down on application sprawl, creates a seamless and secure employee work experience and reduces the network cyberattack surface.

Business performance accrues when mobile messaging is secure, seamless and compliant. Contact us today to learn more about how investing in NetSfere can drive business value for your organization.