Make Your 2023 Resolution to Keep Your Business Safe

As a new year begins, enterprises are setting forth their intentions and key performance indicators for the future. The goals set are based on reflection of the previous year and projections for the new one. A resolution for any enterprise in 2023 should be keeping your business safe.

For CISOs and IT staff, 2022 might be a major eyesore. Reports show that in the first three quarters of the year there were an estimated 24 million data records breached. The third quarter saw a 37% increase from the previous quarter, leaving 2022 on an upwards trend on cybercrime vulnerability. Even in the healthcare industry alone, there was an average of 60 data breaches per month.

On a global scale, cybercrime is reported to be growing 15 percent year over year, predicting to cost $10.5 trillion dollars by 2025.

When considering these growing rates of cybercrimes and the increase in the sophistication of hackers, prioritizing an enterprise’s security should be paramount for the new year. Here are a few things to help your resolution make it past January.

1. Activate full end-to-end encryption

The best way for an enterprise to remain safe in 2023 is to be secure at every point of entry. There are many ways hackers can steal sensitive information and similarly there are many ways to encrypt an enterprise. However, the most effective way to ward off these criminals is through end-to-end encryption, the gold standard of security.

NetSfere is a complete end-to-end encrypted platform that uses the best protocol available, meaning that data is protected at rest and in transit making it nearly impossible to breach. Privacy is ensured with every message or call, making collaboration, even with external partners, a breeze.

2. Remain compliant

Many enterprises allow compliancy to fall through the cracks, leaving them susceptible to financial, operational and reputational risks. Compliant regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and FINRA are common and easy to keep up with when there is a steady cadence of maintenance, education and awareness.

NetSfere’s complete suite of text, voice and video communication platforms are completely compliant and assist enterprises in remaining up to date with regulations and thus mitigating compliancy penalties.

3. Control Personnel Access

Oftentimes staff members are responsible for data breaches whether they were intentional or not. These internal security issues cause a lot of hesitancy and distrust within a team.

With this in mind, NetSfere is designed to keep control of users and their permissions at any given time. If an employee goes rogue, their access and privileges within the communication and collaboration platform can be immediately altered or terminated.

Contact us today to learn how NetSfere can mean a successful and secure 2023 for your enterprise.