NetSfere enables Vestische Caritas-Kliniken GmbH with Secure and Compliant Clinical Communication for Emergency responses

When providing emergency care for heart attack patients, every minute counts. To optimize workflows and save time, Vestische Caritas-Kliniken GmbH (VCK) - a group of four local medical facilities in Ostvest and the Coesfield district of Germany needed a solution that allows all participants to communicate with ease. Requirements surrounding data protection and information security were high because the patient’s health information is involved. Another key required feature was a compliant and rapid means of transmitting images.

VCK chose NetSfere. It acquired the licenses from Deutsche Telekom.

This case study addresses the challenges faced by VCK and how they got benefited by implementing NetSfere to save critical time for emergency responses — an average of 45 minutes per response — which can be the difference between life and death.