Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

At NetSfere, we're passionate about the power of secure mobile messaging to help transform businesses, improve workplace productivity, navigate the pitfalls of enterprise BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) challenges, and protect sensitive enterprise data. Our NetSfere team members follow the latest messaging and communications trends, attend industry conferences around the world, and regularly write and speak on a wide variety of enterprise mobility, unified communications and messaging security topics. To help you better navigate your plans to invest in and deploy a secure enterprise messaging service, our experts have assembled the helpful resources below.

Secure Enterprise Messaging

  • Secure, Compliant Enterprise Communication: NetSfere Takes the Complexity Out of Compliance for Healthcare Organizations

    Compliance is now the watchword for healthcare entities as cyberthreats continue to increase in number and severity. See how Netsfere can help.

  • Excellence in Employee Intranet & Communication Platforms Reworked IMPACT Award: NetSfere Takes the Gold

    Employee intranet & communication platforms are key to the modern-day workplace. Read our latest blog to see what sets NetSfere apart and why we recently took Gold in the Reworked IMPACT Awards.

  • NetSfere’s New Features Elevate the Secure Mobile Messaging and Collaboration Experience

    NetSfere is always innovating, and our latest app upgrades are a prime example of our commitment to providing a superior secure, reliable, & efficient mobile messaging experience.

  • Industries Across the Globe Choose NetSfere

    Modern workplaces are digital workplaces. And digital workplaces need mobile messaging technology that enables seamless, secure, compliant communication.

  • NetSfere Isn’t for Everyone: It’s for Business

    Purposely built for enterprises, NetSfere is the perfect mobile messaging and collaboration platform for businesses. Architected from the ground up to ensure the security, compliance, and control of business communication

  • Is Your Digital Business Communication Secure? That’s Never in Question with NetSfere.

    Business communication increasingly happens through digital channels. Is your organization’s communication secure? Choose NetSfere’s all-in-one platform.

  • Tackling Collaboration Sprawl and Mitigating Risk with NetSfere’s All-In-One Mobile Messaging Platform

    Three reasons secure, end-to-end encrypted mobile messaging technology should be a top priority for enterprises. NetSfere supports all three.

  • A Real Problem Solver: Why NetSfere is the Best Mobile Messaging Platform for Enterprises

    Secure your organization’s communications and alleviate persistent cyber threats with NetSfere’s enterprise-grade mobile messaging and collaboration platform.

  • A Sure Thing: Robust Administrative Controls Deliver Security and Compliance in Mobile Messaging

    Workforce mobility presents major security challenges for organizations. Ensure that your communications are secure and compliant. The solution is NetSfere.

  • Why Secure Communication Platforms Should Be A CIO's #1 Priority

    Three reasons secure, end-to-end encrypted mobile messaging technology should be a top priority for enterprises. NetSfere supports all three.

  • Read the Fine Print: Data Privacy Shouldn’t Require a Graduate Degree to Understand

    Is your organization compliant with data privacy and security laws? NetSfere’s secure by design communications platform can help.

  • You Are the Weakest Link: Identifying Your Communication Vulnerabilities

    Strengthen your organization’s communication security and compliance. Discover how NetSfere’s all-in-one secure mobile messaging platform can help.

  • It’s Time for an Update: Reexamining the Security of Your Business Communication

    Cyber incidents are one of the greatest risks companies face today. Evaluate your messaging and collaboration solution with NetSfere.

  • Three Essential Strategies for Securing Law Firm Communication and Collaboration

    Law firms are attractive targets for cybercriminals, so a key challenge is making them cyber secure. NetSfere’s secure communication platform can help.

  • NetSfere Proudly Announces Recent Recognition from Frost & Sullivan and 451 Research

    NetSfere is on a roll. The company was recently named by 451 Research S&P Global Market Intelligence as a leading solution for helping major Wall Street Banks avoid the security and compliance issues associated with the use of consumer-grade messaging apps in the workplace.

  • Experienced a Data Breach? Immediately Follow These Four Steps

    Four steps enterprise businesses should take immediately following a data breach to mitigate the costly potential fallout and prevent future breaches.

  • Make Your 2023 Resolution to Keep Your Business Safe

    How can your organization improve enterprise cyber security amid rising cybercrime? Three ways to prevent cyber-attacks in 2023 from NetSfere.

  • Expanding Next Level Business Communication: NetSfere Introduces SecureMeet

    SecureMeet by NetSfere allows enterprises to engage in frictionless and engaging virtual meeting experiences without sacrificing security and compliance.

  • Five Reasons Why Encryption is Critical to Data Protection Strategies

    Five reasons encryption is necessary for enterprise cybersecurity strategies designed to secure data, protect privacy and ensure compliance — and how NetSfere helps.

  • Business Critical: Cyber Securing Mobile Messaging in the Law Firm Tech Stack

    Law firms are a prime target for cybercriminals. NetSfere’s secure transmission and device-to-device encryption technology ensures sensitive data is protected.

  • Compliance Made Easy with NetSfere

    Simplify and ensure compliance with government, industry and data privacy regulations related to business messaging and collaboration with NetSfere.

  • Four Essential Steps for Securing Bank Communication and Collaboration

    With the increased use of technology, take the next steps to secure your bank's data. NetSfere's robust platform ensures security, control and compliance.

  • With the increased use of technology, take the next steps to secure your bank's data. NetSfere's robust platform ensures security, control and compliance.

    Empower your employees to securely communicate and collaborate in any work environment. NetSfere is your key to omnichannel business communication.

  • The Power of Partnering: What NetSfere’s Partnership with HP Means for Healthcare Organizations

    NetSfere is now an authorized HP Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program Partner, a development that will accelerate digitization of healthcare communication and increase value for global customers.

  • 5 Things Healthcare IT Leaders Should Know When Selecting a Communications Provider

    This movement to healthcare consumerism is creating a strategic imperative for omnichannel patient engagement technologies that support patients across their care journeys.

  • NetSfere Omnichannel: The Customer Experience Differentiator Enterprises Need

    Successfully deliver personalized content to your customers with NetSfere’s highly secure enterprise platform. Learn more about Omnichannel.

  • Easy as One-Two-Three: NetSfere Streamlines, Enhances and Secures Healthcare Communication

    Connect with patients in a secure and easy to use platform. Schedule your free NetSfere demo today.

  • At NetSfere We Make It Our Business to Secure Business Communication

    NetSfere’s built-in always on end-to-end encryption (E2EE) does not need to be configured or turned on. With NetSfere, enterprise privacy and security are instantly protected.

  • Three for Three: Top Reasons Why Financial Services Enterprises Need NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel

    NetSfere's compliant messaging platform for financial institutions allows you to communicate with your customers safely and securely.

  • Partnering to Power Secure, Compliant Mobile Messaging and Communication in the Healthcare Industry

    NetSfere and Deutsche Telekom have partnered to bring the power of secure, compliant mobile messaging to health systems and healthcare providers.

  • In an Environment of Uncertainty Enterprises Can Be Certain of Seamless, Secure, Compliant Mobile Messaging with NetSfere

    Cyber-attack prevention is important for your enterprise. Quickly secure your organization's communication with NetSfere's communication platform.